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A Guillotine Shear vs A Swing Beam Shear

Saturday, March 31st, 2012


The most important factor in providing a precision cut, is the manner in which the upper blade cuts though material from beginning to the end of the cut  A Guillotine drive system insures that the upper blade crosses down in a straight line from directly above  the work piece.  From the beginning of the cut all the way to the end of cut, the relationship of the upper blade to material never changes.guill1 A Guillotine Shear vs A Swing Beam Shear


In direct opposition to this  a swing beam pivots from the side of the end frames and brings the ram down in an arc of a “swing” (like a welding helmet coming down over your face). This causes the relationship of the top blade to the work piece t change throughout the entire cut. Because the blade comes down in an arc, the cut is distorted from the beginning of the cut all the way through the cut.

swing beam A Guillotine Shear vs A Swing Beam Shear

LVD Strippit – MVS Guillotine Shears

Monday, February 21st, 2011

shear control LVD Strippit   MVS Guillotine Shears

MVS guillotine shears provide high productivity in a rugged, easy-to-use machine featuring a touch screen control to simplify programming. MVS shears accurately cut a range of material types and tensile strengths using down acting hydraulic cylinders for reliable shearing force.

shear LVD Strippit   MVS Guillotine Shears

MVS shears offer the ease of touch screen control programming via a 10″ TFT color screen mounted on a swivel arm. Programming parameters are quickly and easily entered at the machine. Blade clearance and cutting angle are automatically calculated based on material and thickness. Programs are conveniently stored on a USB memory stick with 64 MB capacity.

Optional features include sheet supports and conveyor systems.