Introducing the IWM CNC Router

cnc router  Introducing the IWM CNC Router Model CR1325 

  • X-Y-Z Working Area 1300x2450x200mm
  • Table Size 1440x3040mm
  • X-Y-Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy +/-0.03/300mm
  • X-Y-Z repositioning Positioning Accuracy +/-0.05mm
  • Lathe Structure V-iron Structure
  • X-Y Structure Flat Linear Ways,Gear-wheel
  • Z Structure Flat Linear Ways, Ball Screw
  • Max.Consume Power 6.3KW
  • Max.Speed 32m/min
  • Max.Working Speed 25m/min
  • Spindle 2.2KW
  • Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm/min
  • Working Mode Stepper 2PH 3.0A 1.8 deg. 1.20N
  • Working Voltage AC220V/50 Hz
  • Command G Code,*uoo,*mmg.plt
  • Operating System Mach3 PC Software and DSP system
  • Interface USB
  • Collet System ER25 13mm
  • Mode steper
  • Running circumstance Temperature:0-45 degree C, relative humidity: 30%-75%
  • Software Type3 software, Wentai software, Artcam software
  • Packing Size 3180x1940x1440mm
  • Net Weight 600kg
  • Gross Weight 900kg

Finish Pro Wet Sanders and Deburring Equipment Is In Stock

Providing 23 years of quality service Finish Pro Sanders have an established track record.

finish pro1460 wet sander1 Finish Pro Wet Sanders and Deburring Equipment Is In StockStandard Features

· Motorized Table Lift, with digital readout
· Variable Speed Conveyor
· Air dryer for parts
· Integrated automatic coolant/filter system with auto paper feeding
· Infeed & outfeed water squeezing rollers
· Stainless steel construction where needed
· Conveyor Forward & Reverse
· Belt Safety Overtravel Switches
· Electronic Eye Belt Tracking. Belt tracking adjusting lever (Belt Trimmer ) to Re-adjust the tracking system when running extremely out of parallel belts
· 4-Jackscrew Table Support
· Double Infeed & Outfeed Pinch Rolls with protective guards
· Conveyor Belt Tracking System
· Safety System with Disc Brake. Air operated disc brakes to stop sanding head in 3-5 seconds in the even of loss of air pressure or activation of any emergency stop device
· Table Height Digital Readout
· Load Meter indicates percentage of full motor loads
· Belt change door electrically interlocked for safety purpose
· Air tensioning of belt for accurate tensioning & compensation of
belt stretch

Finish Pro Finish Pro Wet Sanders and Deburring Equipment Is In Stock· Quick release sanding head support for fast belt change
· No dust collecting system required
· Emergency stops from almost any point
· Noise level bellows 80 dba
· Operation manual, control tags, danger signs, and warning labels in
English on machine
· 208/230V or 460 Volt, 3-Phase

Finish Pro Dry & Wet Line Graining & Deburring

Finish Pro has served the fabrication industry for 23 years with quality service. Finish Pro manufactures 12 sizes of  dry and wet graining and deburring machines.  A quality product designed for todays market.   We also have wet dust collectors that can be purchased with the machines.

Finish Pro Model FP 1460 Dry Sander

dryline  Finish Pro Dry & Wet Line Graining & Deburring

Finish Pro Machines

Wet Deburring

Dry Deburring

Water Jet Pipe Cutting Machine

International Water Jet’s new WPC series pipe cutting machine is a versatile water jet system. As an example This system uses high pressure water jet for cutting composite material pipes that are not suitable by other types of cutting methods. This WPC is system can be used to cut pipes of various materials.

waterjet pipe cut12 150x150 Water Jet Pipe Cutting Machine

The machine system consists of a 50 k high pressure water pump, a cutting table (which will vary in size depending on pipe to be processed) with water jet cutting head and abrasive feeding system. The pump requires 3 phase electricity power supply of 220V — 480V, 50 or 60 Hz, (specified by the customer). The pressurized water is fed to the cutting head through a high pressure whip tubing. The water jet pump is 50 hp and when cutting with abrasive, the max thickness of mild steel is 60mm.

The cutting table can rotate the pipe when cutting. The rotation speed is adjustable to suit various cutting speed needs due to different wall thickness and type of the materials. Position of the cutting head is also adjustable to fit different diameters of the pipe. The cutting head can slide along the length of the table to choose desired cutting position. There is an abrasive hopper mounted on the same rail of the cutting head for feeding abrasive to the cutting head. Customer should specify the weight of the pipe when order the machine.

The wall thickness of pipe that can be cut depends on the type of material. Cutting speed also depends on the type of the material. Some materials may require adding abrasive to enable the cutting.

Special tracks can be ordered to cut different shapes of holes into the pipe wall instead of cutting off the pipe.

International water jet is a leader in manufacturing solutions.