4 x 4 55K PSI – Water Jet, Wallet Saver – $51,400.00

Are you thinking of buying a used Water Jet?  Why?

With our easy to use controller, software and precision cutting system nearly anyone can make accurate parts individually or nested. An amazing quality low cost water jet cutting machine.

camachinery 4 x 4 55k psi space saver water jet 4 x 4 55K PSI     Water Jet, Wallet Saver    $51,400.00

Flexible, Reliable and Affordable

The  Water Jet 3 axis system includes the following:
  • 50HP high pressure pump. (working pressure 55kpsi)
  • Cutting table working range 10 x 6
  • PC based controller and software with USB port
  • Z-axis programmable
  • One set of high pressure tubing
  • One 4-axis cutting head with an orifice
  • One nozzle
  • One dust guard
  • One abrasive feed tube
  • One abrasive valve
CNC Water Jet Control System 
  • Includes Industrial Personal Computer control Windows XP
  • Includes Specialized Waterjet Cutting Graphics Software and diagnostics
  • DXF files and NC code support with AutoCAD DXF export
  • Nesting (Optional)
  • Steady speed control function
  • Subsection processing Model and Smooth Processing Model
  • Automatic Speed Processing Function for Small Arcs
  • Repeat Cutting Function
  • Power Outage Coordination Recovery Function
  • Dual Speed Variation Function
  • Pause Function and Variable Starting Function

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