Finish Pro Dry & Wet Line Graining & Deburring

Finish Pro has served the fabrication industry for 23 years with quality service. Finish Pro manufactures 12 sizes of  dry and wet graining and deburring machines.  A quality product designed for todays market.   We also have wet dust collectors that can be purchased with the machines.

Finish Pro Model FP 1460 Dry Sander

dryline  Finish Pro Dry & Wet Line Graining & Deburring

Finish Pro Machines

Wet Deburring

Dry Deburring

Finishing And Deburring Equipment

Finish Pro is a proven cost efficient finishing  and deburring machine with twenty three years of experience in metal working.  We have wet and dry machines from 14 to 63 inches.

Finish Pro Model FP-4075

Dry Type Line Graining/Deburring/Finishing machine. This equipment is available as follows:

finish pro dry Finishing And Deburring Equipment

Standard Features:

  • Abrasive belt size: 40” x 75”
  • Motorized Table Lift with computer display
  • Variable Speed Conveyor
  • Conveyor Forward & Reverse
  • Belt Safety Overtravel Switches
  • Electronic Eye Belt Tracking. Belt tracking adjusting lever ( Belt Trimmer ) to Re-adjust the tracking system when running extremely out of parallel belts
  • 4-Jackscrew Table Support
  • Double Infeed & Outfeed Pinch Rolls with protective guards

Finish Pro Model FP-4075W

Wet type Line Graining/Deburring/Finishing machine. This equipment is available as follows:

wet type Finishing And Deburring EquipmentStandard Features:

  • Motorized Table Lift, with digital readout
  • Inverter drive variable Speed Conveyor with knob control
  • Heavy Duty Air dryer for parts
  • Integrated automatic coolant/filter system with auto paper feeding
  • Infeed & outfeed water squeezing rollers
  • Super large 8” contact drum for perfect graining performance
  • 4-Jackscrew Table Support
  • Table Height Digital Readout

Ecotech CNC Grinders – For Sale In California

TD Machine Tools Proudly Represents

ecotech grinders Ecotech CNC Grinders   For Sale In California

CNC Grinders

Our Business

Ecotech Machinery, Inc. represents one of the largest manufacturers of cylindrical and computer controlled grinders in the world, Shanghai Machine Tool Works. Shanghai Machine Tool Works is in the business of designing, developing and manufacturing machinery which improves productivity in the production and distribution of manufactured goods.

Computer Controlled and Standard Grinders

ECOTECH’S line of computer controlled grinders are installed and operating throughout the world. We offer many types of standard grinders from cylindrical grinders, (I.D. – O.D.) surface grinders, CNC angular approach grinders, and rotary type grinders.

There are over 600 installations in the U.S.A. and 60,000 installations throughout the world.

Our Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of ECOTECH Machinery is important to you (our dealers), because it greatly influences your success in the market place and obviously sets the  stage for future products and services.

ECOTECH will provide simple straight forward and low cost solutions to your customer’s productivity needs. We are an application oriented sales company, and do  our homework as to the specific application and perform to that application.

ECOTECH will continue to expand its technical service capability, both functionally and geographically, so we are second to none in the markets we serve. We believe    that technical services are one of the most important tools for a dealer. We will also be establishing additional service centers throughout the United States as our market-share increases.




Price:   $136,000.00

MKA 1332/1000 12″ X 40″

cnc cylindrical grinder Ecotech CNC Grinders   For Sale In California