LVD Strippit Open House – Machine Demonstration

April 19, 20117 24 2010 11 52 18 AM LVD Strippit Open House   Machine Demonstration
9 am to 3 pm
LVD Strippit Demonstration Center
Akron, New York

Our new Akron demonstration facility expansion is well underway and we anticipate a large group of customers to attend the April 19 Open House.   If the number of attendees is large enough, we may consider extending the Open House for a second day, April 20.  The following machines will be on display:

  • Orion 3015 Plus 4kW with Load/Unload
  • Axel Linear 3015 S 4kW
  • PPS 50/20
  • PPEC 80/25 7-axis
  • PPEB 135/30 EFL
  • CS 06/31
  • Strippit VX-1225 (intended for integration with 6-Shelf Compact Tower due to arrive after Open House date)
  • Strippit V30-1225LVD Strippit VX Series Punch Press 300x240 LVD Strippit Open House   Machine Demonstration
  • Strippit P-1212
  • Strippit LP-1225

Although not expected to be completed in time for the April Open House, a Strippit M-1212 or Strippit M-1225 will be moved into the demonstration center, as will a Pullmax 720.

End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

We Have Inventory to Move before Year End!

Section 179 TAX Incentives Have Been Revised!! $500,000 Write-off

The Revised Section 179 Tax Deduction: The revised Law has been extended to December 31, 2010 and is retroactive to January 1, 2010. This deduction allows a small manufacturing company to deduct the first $500,000 of equipment purchased in 2010 from their taxable income. For companies purchasing (or leasing – with a $1.00 Purchase Option Lease) up to $2,000,000 of equipment in 2010, this deduction is available in full. It then phases out between $2,000,000 and $2,500,000 and is not available for companies purchasing over $2,500,000 in equipment in 2010. However, companies can finance purchases over $2,000,000 with an Operating Lease and may still benefit from this deduction. In 2011, the Section 179 deduction will remain at $500,000. However, the 50% Bonus Depreciation does not apply in 2011.

Tax Refund Against Taxes Paid in the Previous Five Years

The revised Section 179 Deduction allows five (5) year carry backs of NOL (net operating losses) resulting from Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation (Bonus 2010 only). The new law extends the carry back period for eligible small business credits to five (5) years.

lvd End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

Machine Model Frame Number Estimated Ship Date Comments
Strippit P-1212 89 November
Strippit P-1212 45 Immediate Demo Center machine
Strippit S-1225 48 Immediate
Strippit S-1225 52 November
Strippit ST-1212 34 November SOLD
Strippit V20-1525 18 November
Strippit V30-1525 16 November
Strippit VX-1225 7 November
Strippit LP-1225 1 Immediate Demo Center machine
Strippit P-1225 95 December
Strippit VX-1225 6 Immediate Fabtech machine
Strippit 1250 Pick Sort System Immediate Demo Center machine
Sirius 3015 Plus 4kW Immediate Fabtech machine
Orion 3015 Plus 4kW with LUL December Demo Center machine
PPS 50/20 Immediate Demo Center machine
PPEB 135/30 EFL Immediate Fabtech machine
PPEC 80/25 December
PPEC 135/30 December
CS 06/31 Immediate As many as you want!
CS 13/31 Immediate As many as you want!

jetedge End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

Most models can be delivered if ordered BEFORE November 18th

5 Axis Water Jet – Milestone
High Rail Gantry Waterjet Cutting System
Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet Cutting System

aks End Of Year Machine Tool Sale
Plasma Cutting Systems

AKS tru-kut, 5′ x 10′, Hypertherm HSD
AKS accu-kut, 6′ x 10′, Hypertherm HPR
AKS accu-kut, 8′ x 22′, Hypertherm HPR
AKS dura-kut, 10′ x 40′, Hypertherm HPR

ona End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

NX 4 Die Sinking Machine
AX 5 Wire Machine

ksi End Of Year Machine Tool Sale
Swiss Machines

SQC -32 and SQX 32
SM 20 w/18i control: delivering in 3 weeks

av End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

6 foot x 13 foot / with 55k KMT Pump
38 inch x 78 inch / with 55k KMT Pump

lk End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

MT 800 P with 4 axis table. 40 taper
TT 510 P with pallet 12k rpm spindle 30 taper
(2) TT 510 single table 12k spindle 30 taper

iwm End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

5 foot x 6 foot with /55k pump
4 foot x 4 foot with /55k pump

logo End Of Year Machine Tool Sale

MKA 1332/1000 12? X 40?


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