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LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


LVD now offers its latest 19” Touch-L touch screen graphical user interface on the Sirius Series of CO2 laser cutting systems. Touch-L adds the ease of touch technology to Sirius standard and Plus models, allowing both routine and complex applications to be quickly and efficiently completed with minimal operator input.

Sirius TouchL 490x327 LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

A large 19” screen features intuitive graphical icons and visual indicators to display functions such as lens and nozzle selection, set point piercing/cutting, cutting head position, parts nesting, and provide real time reproduction of the cutting path, guiding the operator through setup and cutting application.

Touch-L also incorporates a part programming and nesting feature allowing users to import parts directly to the control via a network drive or USB memory stick, apply cutting technology, nesting sheets and cut the nested parts directly at the machine.

Introducing Komatsu Twister TFPL Blade

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Twister TFPL Blade Model TFPL1082 8 x 20 ft. Table, 525 Amp (100kw)

twister blade Introducing Komatsu Twister TFPL Blade

These large table machines feature a new modular plasma power unit design for the 60kw 300 Amp and above machines. The top of the line 100kw 525 Amp machine is capable of cutting mild steel up to 50mm (2.0″). The TFPL Blade Series machines are available with a cutting area in 8 and 10 foot widths, with standard lengths of 20 or 40 ft. Custom lengths are available


Jet Edge 5 Axis Water Jet Technology

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Jet Edge is now offering  5 axis water jet cutting  technology with Intelligent Kerf Compensation (IKC).

Available on select Jet Edge 5 axis water jet cutting systems, the innovative IKC  5 axis water jet cutting cutting head is capable of making inclined cuts and controlling kerf to ensure optimal part quality.  The IKC’s capabilities include 600º rotation, a maximum angle of +/- 60º, and dynamic precision from +/-0.2 to +/-0.5 mm/m, depending on the tilt of head.

idro line water jet Jet Edge 5 Axis Water Jet Technology

The Idro line’s high-precision ground rack and pinion X and Y axes and ball-screw-driven 5.9” (150 mm) Z axis make it one of the most accurate waterjet systems available.  It maintains a cutting tolerance +/- 0.004” (0,1 mm/m), and repeatability accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.001” (0,025 mm) and supports a contouring and rapid feed rate of 0-1575 ipm (0-40000 mm/min.)  Motion components are protected by steel covers with labyrinth lip seals to ensure lasting performance.

The Idro line is equipped with programmable contact height sensing and comes standard with one 5 axis cutting head; a second 5 axis or 3 axis cutting head can be added.  Other standard features include a stainless steel tank, automatic safety guards with clear windows on front and back, and a dredge conveyor for abrasive removal. Its many options include a rotating axis for pipe cutting, fire jet etching system, a drill and twin shuttles.  Free software updates are included for the life of the machine. The Idro line’s monolithic design expedites installation and makes it easy to relocate if necessary. Its rigid fixed upright bridge structure can be moved out of the way for forklift or crane loading.

ECO-JET Direct Drive Waterjet Pump – 30HP, 60KSI

Friday, June 15th, 2012


eco pump 2 ECO JET Direct Drive Waterjet Pump   30HP, 60KSI

Energy efficient and economical, Jet Edge’s ECO-JET direct drive waterjet pump produces up to 1 GPM of 55,000 psi ultra-high pressure water for precision waterjet cutting and surface preparation applications. Like all Jet Edge products, the ECO-JET features Jet Edge’s signature rock-solid construction for lasting performance.


  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly – Uses up to 40% less electricity than a 50hp pump, but produces same output!
  • Economically priced without sacrificing quality.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Powers any manufacturer’s waterjet system!*

* Waterjet table or tool must be capable of sending a pressure relief signal to the pump.

eco pump 1 ECO JET Direct Drive Waterjet Pump   30HP, 60KSI


  • Power: 30HP (22kw)
  • Output Pressure: 55,000 psi (3800 bar) continuous
  • Flow Rate: 1 GPM (3.8 L/min)
  • Maximum Orifice: .015 in (.38 mm)
  • Power Supply: 3-Phase, 460 VAC (60Hz), 35AMP
  • LWH: 50 inch x 32 inch x 46 inch (1270 mm x 820 mm x 1170 mm)
  • Weight: 1500 lb (680 kg); approximate

Standard Features

  • High-efficiency TEFC motor
  • 1800 nominal motor speed (rpm)
  • User serviceable attenuator to reduce pressure fluctuations
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauges
  • UHP safety shielded tubing
  • U/L, CU/L listed industrial control panel


  • Ambient Room Temperature: 50°-95° F (10°-35° C)
  • Relative Humidity: Non condensing, maximum 95% at 95ºF (35ºC)

Electric Motor

  • Motor Output: 30 hp (22 kw)
  • Motor Type: High Eciency TEFC electric motor
  • Full load current: 35A @460VAC (60 Hz)
  • Requires a voltage/frequency option kit to match local electrical requirements.
    eco pump ECO JET Direct Drive Waterjet Pump   30HP, 60KSI

Low-Pressure Water

  • Supply Requirements:
    Coolant Water: 4 GPM (19 lpm)
    Feed Water: 4.5 to 5 GPM (17-19 lpm)
    Minimum pressure 60 psi (4.2 bar)
    Maximum temperature 70ºF (21ºC)
  • On-board filtration to 0.45 micron
  • Type: Pretreated, <100 TDS, PH 6-8, Silica <15PPM


Expanded Turret Capacity on the Strippit V-Series Punch Presses

Friday, June 8th, 2012

LVD Strippit now offers expanded turret capacity for 20-ton models of Strippit V-Series punch presses. The Strippit V20-1225 and Strippit V20-1525 punch presses are now equipped with a newly designed 47-station turret featuring three standard 3.5” (88,9 mm) auto indexable stations and four standard 2” (50,8 mm) stations. The larger turret capacity provides high flexibility and reduces set-up time, increasing machine productivity.

V20 47Turret 490x392 Expanded Turret Capacity on the Strippit V Series Punch Presses
Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be enhanced with the addition of indexable multi-tools to further expand turret capacity and flexibility while reducing set-up time. Quick-change die holders also minimize tool changeover time. The Strippit V-Series utilizes all the latest tooling technology such as special forming tools, wheel-style tooling, tapping and deburring systems.

An Energy Reduction System (ERS) ensures that electrical power usage is efficiently managed. ERS reduces energy consumption up to 30% compared to older machine designs, making Strippit machines among the world’s lowest energy consuming punch presses.

The Strippit V20-1225 and Strippit V20-1525 are equipped with three programmable, re-locatable work clamps, which can be programmed to a position on the X carriage and individually relocated to a new position within the part program. This reduces or eliminates “no punch” zones, increasing material utilization and providing significant savings when punching stainless steel and aluminum.

The punch presses also feature an innovative table design with the capacity to handle sheet weights of up to 322 lbs. (146 kg).

A state-of-the-art, PC-based Fanuc control is easy to use and proven reliable.
The CNC control provides powerful features such as diagnostics, offers large program storage capacity and networking capability with user friendly MMI (man-machine-interface).

Strippit V-Series machines are equipped with an advanced servo-driven hydraulic press drive optimized for high-performance operation. Axis speeds of up to 900 hits per minute on 0.40” (1 mm) centers are achieved.

The advanced press drive and easy-to-use interactive software optimize high-speed operation while reducing noise and shock










The Masters “April: 5 6 7 8″

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Masters Logo 040509 The Masters April:  5 6 7 8


augusta The Masters April:  5 6 7 8

2011 IW Best Plants Winners: The Best Never Rest

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
 p series 1525 2011 IW Best Plants Winners: The Best Never Rest

” The Strippit P Series 1525″


Each year, North American manufacturing facilities are pressured anew. They are pressured to do more with less; to provide better service, faster; to rein in costs but increase quality — and to do it in the face of increasing competition and less-certain economic conditions. Some manufacturing facilities rise to the challenge; others do not.


IndustryWeek is proud to announce the 2011 class of IW Best Plants winners, 10 manufacturing plants that have risen to meet the challenge. Their weapon of choice: operational excellence.

The differences among the facilities are profound. Carrier Collierville, for example, manufactures air conditioners and heat pumps in large volumes, with a workforce that exceeds 1,000 employees and a manufacturing space greater than 800,000 square feet. At the opposite extreme, L.B. Foster Co., Allegheny Rail Products and its team of 19 in Pueblo, Colo., build insulated rail joints for the railroad industry in 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Two plants are in Texas, the second-largest state in the Union. One sits in tiny Rhode Island. Six other states and Mexico play host to the seven additional members of the class of 2011.

That said, it is their similarities that define the 2011 IndustryWeek‘s Best Plants winners. They are united in their pursuit of operational excellence. They know that creating a culture of continuous improvement is as important as the tools of continuous improvement. They are united in recognizing that seemingly good ideas sometimes fail, and the response should be to learn from the effort and grow, not cast blame.

They are united in the questions they ask themselves: How can we deliver more value to our customer? How can we work better with our suppliers to drive down costs for both of us, yet improve quality? What do I as plant manager need to do to be a better leader? Where are we falling short in engaging the entire workforce in a singular pursuit of excellence? What do we do about it?

IndustryWeek‘s Best Plants winners don’t ask those questions, and others, just once. They ask them routinely; they determine the answers, and they take action. And then they ask again.

Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

Monday, August 29th, 2011

fryer 5 axis Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

We have listened to many excuses by new customers for not taking advantage of training offered by the OEM. For example, the flights and hotel cost are too expensive or I can’t have one of my most valuable employees away from the shop for that long. Well, factory training can be scheduled so it won’t interrupt daily workflow, your employee obtains crucial knowledge and spends time with factory personnel that have operated the machine you just purchased.  Just think, when he has a problem he now has a factory friend he can contact.   That may save you down time and repair costs down the road.  Take the training it’s a great investment.

Caldwell Machinery Manufacturers provide training for the following machine lines:

  • Jet Edge
  • Strippit
  • KSI Swiss Machines
  • IWM Water Jets
  • Fryer, Mills and Lathes
  • Ecotech Grinders
  • AV Water Jet
  • Hansvedt EDM
  • Pullmax, Punch Press
  • AKS  Plasma

M Series Strippit Punch Press Replaces S Series Punch Press

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Question: What is a better value than a Strippit S-Series turret punch press?

M Series 300x144 M Series Strippit Punch Press Replaces S Series Punch PressA Strippit M-Series turret punch press!! With the release earlier this year of the M-Series, the S-Series will now be phased out of production. Orders for Strippit S-Series machines will be taken for a period of 90 days from the date of this memo, or November 18. After that date, the S-Series will no longer be available.
The Strippit M-Series has a number of impressive advantages over the S-Series and over the competition:

  • A generous 47-station turret has nearly all the capabilities of our high-end V-Series machines.
  • The 47-station layout provides more than 50% more stations than the 31 station S-Series.
  • The M-Series has lighting fast 430 HPM on 1″ centers in the M-1212 configuration and 400 HPM on 1″ centers in the M-1225 configuration.
  • The M-Series will out-produce an Amada AC.
  • The M-Series is expanding to include an M-1525.

The S-Series has had a great run. We expect even better results with the M-Series. It is strongly advised that you immediately contact any prospects or existing customers that may be considering acquiring an S-Series machine. Orders must be placed by November 18.

* The Strippit ST-Series thin turret machines will continued to be offered.

GMC Power Mills – So good we offer a 2 year Warranty

Friday, August 5th, 2011

manual mill GMC Power Mills   So good we offer a 2 year Warranty

We are pleased to offer  the following selection of manual mills.