LVD Strippit Open House – Machine Demonstration

April 19, 20117 24 2010 11 52 18 AM LVD Strippit Open House   Machine Demonstration
9 am to 3 pm
LVD Strippit Demonstration Center
Akron, New York

Our new Akron demonstration facility expansion is well underway and we anticipate a large group of customers to attend the April 19 Open House.   If the number of attendees is large enough, we may consider extending the Open House for a second day, April 20.  The following machines will be on display:

  • Orion 3015 Plus 4kW with Load/Unload
  • Axel Linear 3015 S 4kW
  • PPS 50/20
  • PPEC 80/25 7-axis
  • PPEB 135/30 EFL
  • CS 06/31
  • Strippit VX-1225 (intended for integration with 6-Shelf Compact Tower due to arrive after Open House date)
  • Strippit V30-1225LVD Strippit VX Series Punch Press 300x240 LVD Strippit Open House   Machine Demonstration
  • Strippit P-1212
  • Strippit LP-1225

Although not expected to be completed in time for the April Open House, a Strippit M-1212 or Strippit M-1225 will be moved into the demonstration center, as will a Pullmax 720.

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