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Five -Axis CNC Cuttting Head - Waterjet - Cutting Head - Caldwell-Machinery

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Five -Axis CNC Cuttting Head - Waterjet - Cutting Head - Caldwell-Machinery

CNC 5 Axis Cutting Head

The CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine innovatively adapted the five-axis control software in traditional high-pressure waterjet control systems.

In addition to the original three-axis platform (X, Y, Z) two new rotational axis are configured, which enables the cutting head rotation in any desired direction. This innovative technology makes it possible to cut parts with complex surfaces, such as cone-shaped, circular arc, rotating curved surface, angled cutting, beveling, or no taper.

In this particular five-axis design, one CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting head contains at least five axis (three linear coordinates and two rotating coordinates) with coordinated processing motion through CNC. Compared to an ordinary waterjet cutting machine, the biggest advantage of a five-axis waterjet design is that the cutting head can rotate in any direction, which can produce a pre-set cut bevel at any angle. According to material type and its thickness, different angle settings can be controlled through computer software, which gives you the ability to have no tapper on your finished cut edge. 

This technological breakthrough significantly simplified many engineering processes and will dramatically lower production cost. 

Technical Principal Of A Five-axis Waterjet And Its Application 

Application: Aerospace, military production, automobile manufacturing, building decoration, mechanical processing, the electronic, medical, and even in the food industry.

Technical principle: An ultra-high pressure waterjet uses an intensifier pump to pressurize normal tap water to 10,000-60,000psi in a split-second, and subsequently converts water pressure to kinetic energy through a diamond orifice. This generates a very high velocity water beam with a speed of 2,625-3,280 feet per second or about 2,400 MPH. At the same time, a small amount of abrasive is mixed in to generate high-speed friction, which helps the erosion process that is suitable for the precise cutting of hard materials. With less dense materials such as foam, paper, and some wood and rubber, there is no need for the abrasive and the same cutting characteristics can be accomplished with only water.

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