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New Machine Tools & Metalworking Equipment

Caldwell-MachineryWater Jet
Waterjet - Cutting Head
LVD-StrippitLaser Cutting System
Punch Press
Press Brake
KSISwiss Screw Machine
Swiss Lathe
PullmaxPunch Press
Bevelling Machine
EDM - Die Sinker
Komatsu-PlasmaPlasma Cutter
Finish-ProFinishing - Deburring - Graining
AKS-Plasma-Cutting-SystemsPlasma Cutter
CA-MachineryPlasma Cutter
EDM - Wire
Laser Cutting System
EDM - Die Sinker
Abrasive Removal Systems
Roll Bender
Water Jet
HansvedtEDM - Ram Sinker
EDM - Die Sinker
EDM - Wire
Phone (800) 984-4540

Fax (815) 642-4064


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CA Machine Tools
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Upland, CA 91786

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