4 x 4 55K PSI – Water Jet, Wallet Saver – $51,400.00

Are you thinking of buying a used Water Jet?  Why?

With our easy to use controller, software and precision cutting system nearly anyone can make accurate parts individually or nested. An amazing quality low cost water jet cutting machine.

camachinery 4 x 4 55k psi space saver water jet 4 x 4 55K PSI     Water Jet, Wallet Saver    $51,400.00

Flexible, Reliable and Affordable

The  Water Jet 3 axis system includes the following:
  • 50HP high pressure pump. (working pressure 55kpsi)
  • Cutting table working range 10 x 6
  • PC based controller and software with USB port
  • Z-axis programmable
  • One set of high pressure tubing
  • One 4-axis cutting head with an orifice
  • One nozzle
  • One dust guard
  • One abrasive feed tube
  • One abrasive valve
CNC Water Jet Control System 
  • Includes Industrial Personal Computer control Windows XP
  • Includes Specialized Waterjet Cutting Graphics Software and diagnostics
  • DXF files and NC code support with AutoCAD DXF export
  • Nesting (Optional)
  • Steady speed control function
  • Subsection processing Model and Smooth Processing Model
  • Automatic Speed Processing Function for Small Arcs
  • Repeat Cutting Function
  • Power Outage Coordination Recovery Function
  • Dual Speed Variation Function
  • Pause Function and Variable Starting Function

Water Jet – Flexible, Reliable, and Affordable

3D Water Jet     Flexible, Reliable, and Affordable

Water jet can cut through just about any materials that can be placed under its cutting head. Here is a list of material that can be process with water jet: Aluminum sheets, stainless, iconel, composites,  stone, foam, glass, plastic, leather, tile, paper, food, rubber and many others.

In addition to simply cutting, water jet offer great flexibility and maneuverability. Thus, water jet offer un-matching capability in cutting angel, pattern, and shapes. Water jet technology also enables artists to be even more creative in a three-dimensional way.

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Water Jet …. CNC Control

CNC System

Main features

Highly reliable industrial personal computer
User-friendly interface with real-time process check control
network ready for operator and designer to share files
17 inch LCD for better look and feel
portable controller station operator operate at any desired position
DXF files and NC code support
AutoCAD DXF export
With the forward and backward cutting function you can avoid a shutdown time which preserves work integrity

Steady Speed Control Function

Velocity change drastically affects processing quality regardless of straight line or circular arc cutting. Steady speed control system regulates cutting speed on each axis with a constant velocity which guarantees cutting quality.

Subsection Processing Model And Smooth Processing Model

With smooth processing model. Line controller I just speed according to design figure by connecting multiple smaller lines together with circular arcs this news out speed fluctuation the finishing edges and improved were quality.

Automatic Speed Processing Function For Small Arcs

this function allows users to set limits on the radius of small art and cutting speed. The system automatically detects the size of the art radius during operation radius exceeds the preset limit cutting proceeds at high speed. If our radius is below or equal to the limit, it operates at a desired lower speed. this approach improved operating efficiency and product quality.

Repeat Cutting Function

For large batch operation. Repeat cutting function allows the operator to program repeatable operations. One piece at a time until all batch is processed. Less keystrokes equals better efficiency

Power Outage Coordination Recovery Function

In the case of a power interruption or loss this reset capability memorizes 10 previous coordinates which can be recovered after power is restored.

Dual Speed Variation Function

With the separation of high and low speed operational parameters. It allows convenient adjustment of operational speed even in a low-speed situation. This guarantees quality at every corner.

Pause Function And Variable Starting Section Function

During the cutting process. This function allows you to pause and manually move the machine or NBI to a position to to resume cutting without the need of a program reset. In fact, it allows you to resume cutting at any line number. This makes our waterjet highly flexible and reversible to meet different requirements.

An Affordable 5 Axis Water Jet

Through dedicated research and development, our waterjet cutting machines are playing an important role in processing metal, steel, titanium, marble, stone, granite, glass, ceramic, plastic and composite materials. With established reputation in quality, service, and unbeatable price, A&V products are enjoyed by our customers worldwide.

In this particular five-axis design, one CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting head contains at least five axis (three linear coordinates and two rotating coordinates) with coordinated processing motion through CNC. Compared to an ordinary waterjet cutting machine, the biggest advantage of a five-axis waterjet design is that the cutting head can rotate in any direction, which can produce a pre-set cut bevel at any angle. According to material type and its thickness, different angle settings can be controlled through computer software, which gives you the ability to have no tapper on your finished cut edge.
five%20axis An Affordable 5 Axis Water Jet
The JETLINE high pressure pump combines all the advantages of KMT Waterjet Systems for waterjet cutting applications. For decades, KMT high-pressure technology has set the standard in this field, offering unrivalled efficiency, high continuous load capability and availability.

The CNC five axis ultra high-pressure water jet cutting machine(KMT intensifier) innovatively adapted the five axis control software in traditional high-pressure water jet control system.

The machine body and supporting table (water tank) have a separate structure. This design eliminates any negative impact to cutting accuracy as a result of any change in the supporting table. This highly stable structure is easy to be locally updated and maintained.

Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable Systems

4000 lb Garnet Removal Bag Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable SystemsOur abrasive removal system is setting new standard in the industry.  These systems are American made & industrial grade insuring quality and safety. This will drastically reduce or eliminate the downtime or loss of production for catch tank cleaning by constantly removing spent abrasive and putting it into an easy to handle 4000 pound bag.

The system is a severe abrasive removal design that ensures the recycled water fed back into the waterjet catch tank is clean of abrasives and debris, even in the most demanding environments.  This system is designed for the production abrasive waterjet machines running, multi shifts, multi heads or oversized gantry’s.


Agitation Removal System1 Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable Systems

  • 6’ X 12’ TABLES FLOW @ 450 GPM

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