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2011 IW Best Plants Winners: The Best Never Rest

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
 p series 1525 2011 IW Best Plants Winners: The Best Never Rest

” The Strippit P Series 1525″


Each year, North American manufacturing facilities are pressured anew. They are pressured to do more with less; to provide better service, faster; to rein in costs but increase quality — and to do it in the face of increasing competition and less-certain economic conditions. Some manufacturing facilities rise to the challenge; others do not.


IndustryWeek is proud to announce the 2011 class of IW Best Plants winners, 10 manufacturing plants that have risen to meet the challenge. Their weapon of choice: operational excellence.

The differences among the facilities are profound. Carrier Collierville, for example, manufactures air conditioners and heat pumps in large volumes, with a workforce that exceeds 1,000 employees and a manufacturing space greater than 800,000 square feet. At the opposite extreme, L.B. Foster Co., Allegheny Rail Products and its team of 19 in Pueblo, Colo., build insulated rail joints for the railroad industry in 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Two plants are in Texas, the second-largest state in the Union. One sits in tiny Rhode Island. Six other states and Mexico play host to the seven additional members of the class of 2011.

That said, it is their similarities that define the 2011 IndustryWeek‘s Best Plants winners. They are united in their pursuit of operational excellence. They know that creating a culture of continuous improvement is as important as the tools of continuous improvement. They are united in recognizing that seemingly good ideas sometimes fail, and the response should be to learn from the effort and grow, not cast blame.

They are united in the questions they ask themselves: How can we deliver more value to our customer? How can we work better with our suppliers to drive down costs for both of us, yet improve quality? What do I as plant manager need to do to be a better leader? Where are we falling short in engaging the entire workforce in a singular pursuit of excellence? What do we do about it?

IndustryWeek‘s Best Plants winners don’t ask those questions, and others, just once. They ask them routinely; they determine the answers, and they take action. And then they ask again.

Strippit Large Capacity Punching

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Strippit M-1525

Ideal for the fabrication of large panels in cellular manufacturing or job shop environments, the Strippit M-1525 can handle sheets beyond 60″ x 98.4″ (1524 x 2500 mm) with sheet repositioning. The standard Smart Clamp™ feature further maximizes material usage by automatically determining exact clamp locations.

The 47-station turret is among Strippit’s largest most flexible turret designs, featuring three 3.5″ (88,9 mm) auto-index stations and four 2″ (50,8 mm) stations to accommodate large punching and forming operations. Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be enhanced with the addition of indexable multi-tools for even greater capacity.

Add to that a reliable Fanuc control, optional integrated programming software and material handling options, and the Strippit M-1525 is a solid value in the mid-range punching machines.

LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

LVD Company nv now incorporates a new Energy Reduction System (ERS) into its PPEC series PPEC Press Brake press brake products, helping to tackle the topical issue of rising energy costs. ERS efficiently manages power consumption throughout the
operating day during machine operation, standby and idle times thus reducing energy consumption by 15 to 30 per cent over previous generation machines. The introduction of ERS demonstrates LVD’s green initiative to engineer and manufacture energy-efficient equipment. The company o?ers entry level machines in manual and CNC versions, multi-axis press brakes with LVD’s Easy-Form Laser adaptive forming system and the new CADMAN Touch PC-based CNC control. LVD also specialises in custom stand-alone and tandem press brake installations specially designed and engineered for the forming requirement, including public lighting, shipbuilding, offshore drilling and heavy machinery applications. Its PPEB-H custom press brakes range in size from 640 tons up to 3000 tons. Standard series PPEB con?gurable press brakes are available from 80 tons, 1.5 metres up to 640 tons, 8.1 metres.

Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

Monday, August 29th, 2011

fryer 5 axis Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

We have listened to many excuses by new customers for not taking advantage of training offered by the OEM. For example, the flights and hotel cost are too expensive or I can’t have one of my most valuable employees away from the shop for that long. Well, factory training can be scheduled so it won’t interrupt daily workflow, your employee obtains crucial knowledge and spends time with factory personnel that have operated the machine you just purchased.  Just think, when he has a problem he now has a factory friend he can contact.   That may save you down time and repair costs down the road.  Take the training it’s a great investment.

Caldwell Machinery Manufacturers provide training for the following machine lines:

  • Jet Edge
  • Strippit
  • KSI Swiss Machines
  • IWM Water Jets
  • Fryer, Mills and Lathes
  • Ecotech Grinders
  • AV Water Jet
  • Hansvedt EDM
  • Pullmax, Punch Press
  • AKS  Plasma

M Series Strippit Punch Press Replaces S Series Punch Press

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Question: What is a better value than a Strippit S-Series turret punch press?

M Series 300x144 M Series Strippit Punch Press Replaces S Series Punch PressA Strippit M-Series turret punch press!! With the release earlier this year of the M-Series, the S-Series will now be phased out of production. Orders for Strippit S-Series machines will be taken for a period of 90 days from the date of this memo, or November 18. After that date, the S-Series will no longer be available.
The Strippit M-Series has a number of impressive advantages over the S-Series and over the competition:

  • A generous 47-station turret has nearly all the capabilities of our high-end V-Series machines.
  • The 47-station layout provides more than 50% more stations than the 31 station S-Series.
  • The M-Series has lighting fast 430 HPM on 1″ centers in the M-1212 configuration and 400 HPM on 1″ centers in the M-1225 configuration.
  • The M-Series will out-produce an Amada AC.
  • The M-Series is expanding to include an M-1525.

The S-Series has had a great run. We expect even better results with the M-Series. It is strongly advised that you immediately contact any prospects or existing customers that may be considering acquiring an S-Series machine. Orders must be placed by November 18.

* The Strippit ST-Series thin turret machines will continued to be offered.

Pullmax X97 Beveling machine

Monday, July 18th, 2011
The Pullmax beveling machine functions basically the same way as roller shears, utilizing only one cutter. The shearing action actually feeds the work piece automatically through the machine. The method can be used for X, V, Y and K-form joints.
Bevelling Machine Pullmax X97 Beveling machine
The degree of bevel angle is infinitely variable from 25° up to 55°. Motorized and adjusted by push-button control, a high degree of accuracy is achieved and is easily read on a graduated dial. The capacity of the machine covers up to 50 mm thick plate and 25 mm width of bevel in normal steel plate rated at 390 N/mm² tensile strength. The speed of bevelling is between 1,5 and 3,1 m/min., depending on the width and degree of angle for the bevel being produced. Since the bevel is achieved without heat, the cut surface is clean and unaffected by thermal stress. This makes the X97 suitable for certain grades of stainless steel as well as aluminum.Choose the type of cutter to suit your type of work. Cutters for the X97 are available in three types of serrations. The medium serrated cutter can be used for most jobs, but the machine can be fitted with coarse or fine serrated cutters as required. Coarse serrations are used for larger bevel widths in heavy material and fine serrations are intended for use in lighter work with smaller bevel widths up to 15 mm. Cutters are made from hardened alloy tool steel.

The Pullmax X97 offers superior versatility. With motorized adjustment of beveling angles, choice of cutters, stationary or suspended operation, a full range of accessories, and pinpoint accuracy for a variety of shapes and sizes of work pieces. The PULLMAX X97 fits the work piece rather than forcing the work piece to fit the machine.

Strippit Now Offering A P1525 Punch Press

Friday, June 24th, 2011

The P series has recently been enhanced, and we are now offering a P 1525 Punch Press machine.

The P 1525 will be almost identical to the P 1225, with the exception that a larger throat will allow for a 60″ wide sheet. We recently accepted an order from a door manufacturer on Long Island, NY and the machine has been launched into production.

p series 1525 300x240 Strippit Now Offering A P1525 Punch Press

Many OEM’s, like our first P 1525 at the door manufacturer, have parts that are wider than 48″. In years past, we offered an FC 1000 R style machine so that the customer could rotate the sheet around to punch wider blanks. A new P 1525 allows for wider blanks without rotation of the blank

Many manufacturers have purchased 5′ X 10′ laser systems in the last decade. They typically buy all materials in 5′ wide blanks to match their laser, so a new P 1525 may be a logical choice for handling jobs with forming or other jobs where punching makes sense.

This is a unique offering as no other manufacturer provides a 60″ wide machine in the entry level market.

You Can’t Afford to Wait! Order Your Machine in 2011

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

If you have been in the market looking for equipment you may have been surprised to find that out that some  delivery dates can be four to six months from the time you place the order.  While that is definitely a problem it is only the beginning as  our good friend Uncle Sam will dramatically reduce the tax benefits available on equipment after 12/31/11.

A)   The Section 179 deduction will drop from $500,000 in 2011 to an estimated $125,000 in 2012 and the total capital acquisition cap will drop from $2,000,000 in 2011  to $500,000 in 2012.

B)   The 100% Bonus Deprecation in 2011 will drop to 50% in 2012

Below is an example of the effect these changes could have on you company!

2011 vs 20121 You Cant Afford to Wait! Order Your Machine in 2011



LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

Monday, June 6th, 2011

LVD Strippit has recently completed the expansion of its in-house demonstration and training center in Akron, NY. The facility — over 9,000 square feet — showcases punching, bending and laser cutting equipment and includes a classroom training area, meeting rooms and visitor greeting area.

The expanded center provides LVD Strippit with a larger demonstration area and allows customers and visitors easy access to the company’s most advanced fabrication equipment. Machinery currently on display at the demonstration center includes a high-performance VT-Series CNC turret punch press, Orion laser cutting system, Axel flying optics laser cutting system, PPEB precision press brake with Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system, economical SP Series press brake, and guillotine shear.633470016811744957 LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

The machinery demonstration area is complemented by a spacious classroom for training on use of LVD Strippit’s CADMAN punching, bending and laser cutting software. The classroom is equipped with modern teaching tools. The combination of classroom training and machinery demonstration provides an ideal learning environment.

LVD/ Strippit M-Series Turret Punch

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

We are pleased to announce that the new M-Series Turret Punch presses form LVD Strippit are in production. As many of you know, the M-Series has been designed to provide enhanced features for our mid-range equipment, currently being offered as the S-Series.

The M-Series is a thick turret design that features a larger turret that consists of 47 stations.  It will continue to offer Three D size (3.5”) Auto Index stations, but will now include four C size (2.0”) stations, sixteen B size (1.25”) stations and 24 A size (.5”) stations. The added turret capacity will benefit most users as more C stations will provide for additional larger size tooling shapes in the turret. The new turret features more overall tooling stations and will provide for more tools available to be resident in the machine, and therefore less set up will be required. M Series LVD/ Strippit M Series Turret PunchThere are also productivity gains with the new M-Series as the hit rates have increased on both models. Also, an energy saving hydraulic system has been employed on this series of machines. Much like the PPEC series press brake many of you have seen, when the hydraulic system is not in use, it goes into energy saving mode, and quickly returns to power when the machine cycles. The enhancements in the new M-Series provide LVD Strippit with the most competitive offering in the mid range products in the industry. When you compare the specifications of the new M-series against the Amada AC series, our main competitor in the mid range offering, you will find that we meet and exceed the AC in most categories.