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Monday, April 8th, 2013

CADMAN-L 3D provides fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual offline programming including nesting, optimization of cutting and machine parameters. This software allows the user to configure the type and value lead-in/lead-out for different contours depending on the material and thickness to be processed.

  • Flexible lead-in/lead-outs
  • Automatic selection from various types of micro-joints
  • Advanced common line cutting
  • Collision avoidance and automatic cutting sequence
  • Skeleton cutting and utilization of sheet remnants
  • Complete flexibility to manually or semi-automatically cut and nest laser parts
  • Automatic time and cost reporting


CADMAN-L makes laser cutting easy by providing fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual offline programming including nesting, optimization of cutting and
machine parameters. This software module enables users to maximize laser cutting applications by intuitively setting and controlling key functions.

LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

thumbcc lvdadaptivelaser450px LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy. LVD introduces its patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system technology that provides real-time monitoring and feedback control of the laser cutting process to achieve high productivity, quality control and reduced scrap.

The development of ALC continues LVD’s history of innovation in the field of machine intelligence and real-time in-process control systems such as the company’s patented Easy-Form® Laser bend angle monitoring and correction system introduced in 2002, which has revolutionized the industry assuring consistent and accurate bending from the first to the last part.

ALC uses a dynamic feedback system to monitor and regulate laser power, speed and assist gas pressure in real time during the cutting process, automatically optimizing cutting parameters and ensuring a consistently accurate cut.

Unlike other process controls systems, ALC does not rely on pre-defined parameters but measures and adapts in process to achieve the optimal cutting results.

This unique system is particularly useful when processing thicker mild steels in an unmanned environment. In such applications, machine speed is often restricted to ensure reliability and account for potential variations in material properties, limiting productivity and increasing the cost per part. ALC automatically adjusts to changing conditions, processing at the highest speed with the most efficiency and so alleviates the need to restrict or control the laser cutting system, providing up to a 10 percent increase in productivity. Consistently accurate processing also eliminates scrap or rework of expensive thicker materials.

ALC is now a standard feature on select models of LVD’s Impuls series laser cutting machines.     633241907558007994 m LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage & Retrieval Tower

Monday, June 25th, 2012


ct1 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower

Now available, a cost-effective compact material storage and retrieval tower for select models of LVD laser cutting systems. Designed as affordable mid-level automation, the space-saving system provides increased productivity by allowing optimal material flow and unattended operation with uninterrupted processing of high-quality laser cut parts.

ct2 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower
The Compact Tower (CT) system provides
full capabilities for loading, unloading,
and storage of raw material and
finished parts, thus enabling automated
production from stored raw material
to stacked finished parts, as well as
providing increased storage capacity.

LVD’s CT system is offered in three
configurations: 4-, 6- and 10-pallet
units. The system handles workpieces
as large as 120” x 60” (3050 x 1525
mm) and material thicknesses up to
.625” (16 mm) [.750” (20 mm) on
Sirius Plus] with a maximum load/
unload pallet storage capacity of 6613
lbs. (3000 kg).
Pallet construction is engineered
for compact setup and safe forklift
manipulation. Spreading magnet,
air gun, and peeling cylinder sheet separation devices are re used to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and effectively separate sheets for automatic loading.

The compact tower is offered for Orion 3015 Plus and Sirius 3015 Plus laser cutting systems.

ct3 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower

Strippit Sirius 3015 Plus – Laser Installation

Friday, June 10th, 2011
P1020476 300x225 Strippit Sirius 3015 Plus   Laser Installation Sirius 3015 plus laser installation at Jerry Benning’s customer Anel Corp in Winona MS.

Anel Corp is a subcontractor for Caterpillar and bought their first LVD Impuls 4020 3k watt laser back in ’96. With the purchase of the new Sirius 3015 plus Anel Corp wanted to run laser parts 100% unattended including weekends.

The transition to go from loading manual to a 100% automated laser system was a smooth and pleasant experience for Anel Corp and they wish they had it done a lot earlier!

P1020475 300x225 Strippit Sirius 3015 Plus   Laser Installation

If you are  interested in  seeing this impressive fully automated laser system in operation, please don’t hesitate to contact Mel.

Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

Monday, March 7th, 2011

STRIPPIT PA-SERIES      PA series auto load /unload video


pa series Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

Add a Strippit PA-Series automatic load/unload system to an existing Strippit punch press and transform your machine into a streamlined production cell.The Strippit PA-Series is compact, easy to use, easy to access and retrofitable for Strippit V, VT, VX, ST and S-Series punch presses. It provides continuous, uninterrupted processing, delivering more value and productivity for your punching applications.An affordable automation system, the Strippit PA-Series is a budget friendly means of reaping the benefits of automated production, including better use of existing labor, reduced material handling, greater efficiency and productivity.Offered in two configurations: Strippit PA-1225 supports sheet sizes up to 49.2?x 98.4? (1250 x 2500 mm); Strippit PA-1530 handles materials up to 60?x 120? (1524 x 3048 mm). Both systems work with minimum sheet sizes of 19.6?x 39.3? (500 x 1000 mm) in maximum sheet thicknesses of .140? (3,5 mm).


A material handling system combined with a high-speed punching machine allows a continuous, even flow of work through the punch press, providing a high level of productivity. Worksheet handling time can be reduced as much as 80 percent.

USE OF LARGER BLANK SIZES/WORKPIECESstrippit 300x235 Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

Automated load/unload devices can handle large workpieces that can’t easily be managed in a manual operation, or where a two operator setup is needed. Automating the loading and unloading of the sheet takes advantage of the machine’s capacity to handle larger blanks, thus increasing efficiency.


Automating punch press operations makes “lights out” production feasible. Production can be switched to different nestings by automatically changing the program after one batch is finished. Double sheet detection and sheet separation devices prevent loading of multiple sheets.


Axel High-Speed Laser Processing Center

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Axel Laser Axel High Speed Laser Processing Center Backed by years of technical knowledge and experience in sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting, LVD Strippit offers the Axel high-speed laser processing center as part of its range of precision laser cutting machines.

Axel 5′ x 10′ (1500 x 3000 mm) work table area incorporates automatic shuttle tables or a fully integrated and programmable load/unload system Axel AT Automation.

Equipped with a single system package from GE Fanuc comprised of laser source, control, motors and AC drive amplifiers Offers the flexibility of 2500 W, 4000 W or 5000 W laser source.

The user-friendly CADMAN-L 3D software package (optional) offers even higher flexibility and productivity and conforms to all current safety standards.

The Axel laser cutting machine provides the following advantages:
Axel AT Automation Axel High Speed Laser Processing Center

  • high productivity
  • high flexibility
  • fast cut-to-cut workpiece changeover
  • improved accuracy
  • high reliability
  • simplified operating procedure
  • low maintenance and operation costs
  • compact design
Pictured Above: Compact flying optics laser profiling machine with a constant beam length system