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Profile of KSI SQC Series Standard Offering

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

1 8 2012 6 57 04 PM Profile of KSI SQC Series Standard Offering

• Rugged one piece 6,600 lb. Bed casting
• Increased size tool stand for heavy cutting and better finishes
• Precision THK ball screws
• THK/Starr linear guides
• All NSK bearings
• Fanuc 18 ITB dual path control
• All Fanuc electronics and motors
• Ethernet ready
• Neat compact cabinet contains all cables, sensors, coolant tank
• Easy access doors and covers
• Manual pulse generator (MPG)
• Mechanically driven rotary guide bushing
• (9) Live Mill/Drill Tools
• Full C Axis Main Spindle
• Full C Axis Sub Spindle
• Driven tools for the back-end working are mounted to the base casting which allows for heavier cutting while simultaneously machining on the Main & Sub spindle eliminating vibrations
• (5) Position Y Axis Tool block
• Bar feed interface
• Parts catcher
• Dual pump coolant system
• Parts conveyo

KSI Swiss Partner — Hangsterfer’s Cutting Oils

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

7 17 2011 7 08 30 PM KSI Swiss Partner      Hangsterfer’s Cutting Oils

Hangsterfers – Hangsterfer’s Cutting Oils are recognized by Swiss Style Screw machine manufacturers around the world. Hard Cuts have improved tool life and surface qualities by as much as 300%! In addition to the lubricity provided at the cutting zone, our cutting oils provide excellent lubrication for the machine’s slides, guide bushings, bearings, and spindles.

KSI – Hangsterfer’s Coupon: (download pdf here)


Pro Turn Production Turning Centers

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Pro-Turn Production Turning Centersproturn logo Pro Turn Production Turning Centers

In addition to our line of KSI Swiss Screw Machines we have added a line of production turning centers.

Over the years, the Pro-Turn   series of precision production turning centers have evolved into three types of machines affording our customers the ability to select a specific style of machine for their manufacturing requirements:

P series Gang tools, dedicated to production tooling cutters are used to produce parts at the highest point of efficiency. Because the production tooling cutters are direct mounted to the axes there is no lost time due to turret positioning for indexing and then indexing to the next cutting tool. ProTurn VT 8 Pro Turn Production Turning Centers

PT series Gang tools plus turret combine the productivity of our P series with the increased tooling capacity of a static turret or static/dynamic turret to increase our customers manufacturing capability. Pro Turn VT 10 Pro Turn Production Turning Centers

TT series Turret plus Tailstock complements small parts production, these turret precision production centers offer the tooling management of either a static or static/dynamic turret and a heavy duty Tailstock for between centers operation.  TT Series Pro Turn Production Turning Centers


KSI Swiss School

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Staying Competitive is hard, we understand.  Which is why KSI Swiss has developed the KSI School for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training to allow your machinists the opportunity to take their skills to the next level.

Programming a CNC Swiss can be a daunting task.  Investing in your programming and setup could mean the difference between being down and out, or being pound for pound the best.

ksi school logo4 KSI Swiss School

With our proven experience, we will train you and your machining operators to make wise programming, and machine setup decisions that will result in less changeover time, and more efficient programming, which means more profits for your company.

Example of class:

Operator Training Class:

1. Swiss Theory
2. Machine Layout
3. Machine Operations
4. Adjusting Guide Bushings and Collets
5. Changing Tools
6. Adjusting Offsets
7. Barload Operations
8. Chip Control
9. Measurement Tools
10. Print Reading Introduction
11. Trouble Codes


KSI Screw Machines Partners with Esprit CNC Software

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

4 16 2011 9 04 47 AM KSI Screw Machines Partners with Esprit CNC SoftwareKSI Swiss is proud to partner with Esprit  for CNC  software  systems.

ESPRIT is a high-performance, full-spectrum, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for a full range of machine tool applications.

• 2 – 5 axis milling
• 2 – 22 axis turning
• 2 – 5 axis wire EDM
• Multitasking mill-turn machining
• B-axis machine tools
• High-speed 3- and 5-axis machining

OEM-endorsed ESPRIT drives machine tools in over 15,000 shops across the globe, and is available in more than 15 languages from over 200 resellers. Comprehensive in its ability to handle today’s most advanced machines, ESPRIT satisfies even the most demanding programmers and machining applications. ESPRIT is preferred by CNC programmers worldwide, in every advanced manufacturing sector — from medical to aerospace. ESPRIT is the right choice for programmers, manufacturers, and machinists looking to fully exploit their machine tool investment and enjoy the unparalleled freedom of advanced productivity.

9,000 Lbs of Muscle – The KSI Swiss Screw Machine

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

SQX 38 9,000 Lbs of Muscle   The KSI Swiss Screw Machine

KSI machines are known for their More Factor: more mass, more power, more tools, more stroke, more thrust, more gripping force, and more room. Designed to achieve maximum productivity within the tightest tolerances, the KSI Swiss SQC weighs in at just over 9,000 pounds (4,082 kg), making them the heaviest of any comparable Swiss-type on the market. Much of this weight can be attributed to the extremely rigid and stable base casting and toolstand, which helps to reduce vibration and provide the thermal stability critical to maintaining tight tolerances on workpieces. Combine its superior strength with powerful Fanuc motors, the highest-quality electronics, and the most complete standard features package of any machine in its class, and it becomes clear that KSI automatics have the power and flexibility to tackle the most comprehensive and demanding Swiss applications.


One of the most common complaints we hear about Swiss-types is the lack of interior room available for setup. We know that a dark, cramped space is not the ideal working environment for anyone. So, we responded by engineering the cabinet of our CNC automatics to be as spacious as possible within the machine’s minimal footprint. All our models feature large doors, access panels, and ample lighting to afford operators maximum accessibility and visibility during setup and retooling.

A proven track record and  a moneymaker for you :  KSI  Swiss.

Did You Know? KSI Swiss Screw Machine

Friday, March 18th, 2011

7 26 2010 8 30 47 PM Did You Know?  KSI Swiss Screw Machinefanuc cnc Did You Know?  KSI Swiss Screw Machine




A little background: FANUC had its beginnings as part of Fujitsu developing numerical controls (NCs) and servo systems.

The company name is an acronym for Fujitsu Automatic Numerical Control. In 1972, the Computing Control Division became independent and FANUC Ltd was established.

KSI  Swiss Machines  use the FANUC   18i TB  dual path control.

KSI Swiss Lathe SQX 32mm “Working Space”

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

ksi32 KSI Swiss Lathe SQX 32mm Working Space

One of the Most common complaints we hear about Swiss-type Automatics, is the lack of interior room for setup.  We know that a dark, cramped space is not the ideal working environment for anyone.  So we responded by  engineering the cabinet of our CNC Swiss Automatics to be as spacious as possible within the machines’s minimal footprint.  All our swiss lathe models feature large doors access panels and ample lighting to afford operators maximum accessibility and visibility during setup and retooling.

KSI Swiss Video

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