KSI Swiss

KSI stands for Knowledge, Support, and Integrity. As a family owned company, we pride ourselves in offering the most complete machine tool package to our customers. As you know, that never just involves the machine tool, but also the support, training, and other value adds that are associated with the machine tool purchase.

KSI Swiss provides the highest quality world-class Swiss Style Automatic CNC Lathes that can be offered. KSI Swiss, in partnership with machine tool builder HJM Automation, is the only American owned provider of this type of machine tool. KSI is a family operated company located in Minnesota. You will not find a better value anywhere. The KSI Swiss machines are known for their ‘more’ factor, more mass, more rigidity, more tools, more stroke, more thrust, more gripping force, more included options, more training, more room, etc. We’re constantly striving to improve our products, as well as add new products as demand rises.

KSI Swiss is known for bringing the most machine to the market. More mass, more stroke, more horsepower, more live tools, more standard options, more training, more of what your business needs.

At KSI Swiss, we know that there is more to a successful swiss machining operation than just machine operation and machine functionality. Coming from and end user perspective, we know the value of operator training, local service, and ongoing support.

KSI offers three classes: “KSI Basic Operator Training,” “KSI Intermediate Training,” and “KSI Advanced Training.” KSI School’s goal is to equip our customers in the utilization and optimization of our products, as well as other swiss style lathes. Our goal is total commitment to customer service and satisfaction. These classes are offered to our customers who have purchased SQC, SQX, and SM series machines from KSI at $250 off the class rate. Rates are listed below.

YuTube channel for videos of our machines.