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LVD/Strippit Open House

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

news top1 LVD/Strippit Open House


This is a reminder that the next LVD Strippit Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, in Akron, New York.  Please keep in mind that this is the last scheduled open house until September.

   The following equipment will be on display in the demo center:

Axel Linear 3015 S 4kW

Orion 3015 Plus 4kW with Load/Unload

PPS 80/20

PPEB 135/30 EFL

CS 06/31

Strippit P-1212

Strippit M-1212

VX-1225 with Compact Tower

Strippit / Pullmax 720 up to 40 tool Stations.

Monday, July 9th, 2012

pullmax turret  Strippit / Pullmax  720 up to 40 tool Stations.


• Provides additional 40 tool stations (60 total)
• Works with Indexable Multitool (OrbiTool)
• Each station is fully indexable 360 degrees

IndexableMultiToolST  Strippit / Pullmax  720 up to 40 tool Stations.






• Minimizes tool change/set up time

• Flexibility to use varying material thicknesses                            • Enables flexible, unmanned production                                                    • Ideal for automated systems                                                              • Factory installed or retrofitted                                                                        Compatible with 720 series

LVD Pullmax Series

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

With an LVD Pullmax Series Punch, Bend and Forming Center you can Punch (all tool rotation 360°), Form, Bend (up to 2.95″/75 mm high) and Tap all in one machine! Want to add automation? No problem, modular 24/7 lights out Automation Solutions are available to suit your needs.Your next punch press just got a lot more ?exible. To help your shop on the way to perfection, call us.  800-924-4540.



pullmax2 LVD Pullmax Series

Extending LVD’s Punch Press Product Range

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Pullmax Series now forms part of the LVD punch press product range, providing
cost-effective punching, forming, marking, bending and tapping in a single machine.
LVD’s punch press product family now offers more choices and the greatest range of
flexibility of any punch press manufacturer.

pullmax  Extending LVD’s Punch  Press Product Range
An extremely efficient hydraulic punching unit combined with table accelerations
and speeds that match high hit rates make punching and forming operations highly
productive and lower the cost of per part production for prototypes, short or long run
operations. Punch sheets up to 60? x 120? (1500 x 3000 mm) without reposition in
0.135? (8 mm) material.
The Pullmax Series includes standalone machines and automated systems. Pullmax
520, 530, 720 and 730 punch presses offer an array of capabilities to maximize the
value added to components during the punching process.

Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

Monday, August 29th, 2011

fryer 5 axis Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

We have listened to many excuses by new customers for not taking advantage of training offered by the OEM. For example, the flights and hotel cost are too expensive or I can’t have one of my most valuable employees away from the shop for that long. Well, factory training can be scheduled so it won’t interrupt daily workflow, your employee obtains crucial knowledge and spends time with factory personnel that have operated the machine you just purchased.  Just think, when he has a problem he now has a factory friend he can contact.   That may save you down time and repair costs down the road.  Take the training it’s a great investment.

Caldwell Machinery Manufacturers provide training for the following machine lines:

  • Jet Edge
  • Strippit
  • KSI Swiss Machines
  • IWM Water Jets
  • Fryer, Mills and Lathes
  • Ecotech Grinders
  • AV Water Jet
  • Hansvedt EDM
  • Pullmax, Punch Press
  • AKS  Plasma

Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Productivity and flexibility are two main requirements in today’s manufacturing industry. Higher demands on efficiency require more parts to be produced with a higher degree of automation. One decisive factor for unmanned production is material availability, with this feature the machine can produce several different parts in two different material types unmanned.

compact automation Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

 Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

The Pullmatic 720/520 can be supplied with a fully automatic material handling system. The compact system will handle raw material and skeletons as well as punched and formed parts, on a compact layout of 70m² (753 sqf) including the punching machine. The handling system is fully integrated in the Pullmax O600 control system to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity. The modular design ensures the production requirements today and in the future.

Pullmax X97 Beveling machine

Monday, July 18th, 2011
The Pullmax beveling machine functions basically the same way as roller shears, utilizing only one cutter. The shearing action actually feeds the work piece automatically through the machine. The method can be used for X, V, Y and K-form joints.
Bevelling Machine Pullmax X97 Beveling machine
The degree of bevel angle is infinitely variable from 25° up to 55°. Motorized and adjusted by push-button control, a high degree of accuracy is achieved and is easily read on a graduated dial. The capacity of the machine covers up to 50 mm thick plate and 25 mm width of bevel in normal steel plate rated at 390 N/mm² tensile strength. The speed of bevelling is between 1,5 and 3,1 m/min., depending on the width and degree of angle for the bevel being produced. Since the bevel is achieved without heat, the cut surface is clean and unaffected by thermal stress. This makes the X97 suitable for certain grades of stainless steel as well as aluminum.Choose the type of cutter to suit your type of work. Cutters for the X97 are available in three types of serrations. The medium serrated cutter can be used for most jobs, but the machine can be fitted with coarse or fine serrated cutters as required. Coarse serrations are used for larger bevel widths in heavy material and fine serrations are intended for use in lighter work with smaller bevel widths up to 15 mm. Cutters are made from hardened alloy tool steel.

The Pullmax X97 offers superior versatility. With motorized adjustment of beveling angles, choice of cutters, stationary or suspended operation, a full range of accessories, and pinpoint accuracy for a variety of shapes and sizes of work pieces. The PULLMAX X97 fits the work piece rather than forcing the work piece to fit the machine.

Bending on the Pullmax

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The bending process is similar to other automated panel bending systems where the blank is clamped and the flange is wiped up. However instead of the typical wiping tool a “pacman” tool is used. In the drawing below the green element is a spring, the rest is self explanatory.

A Pullmax Bending 300x186 Bending on the Pullmax

Bend angles, flange lengths and flange orientation (rotary axes) are fully programmable. Unique part envelope allows automation for many parts that do not fit other systems.


LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

Monday, June 6th, 2011

LVD Strippit has recently completed the expansion of its in-house demonstration and training center in Akron, NY. The facility — over 9,000 square feet — showcases punching, bending and laser cutting equipment and includes a classroom training area, meeting rooms and visitor greeting area.

The expanded center provides LVD Strippit with a larger demonstration area and allows customers and visitors easy access to the company’s most advanced fabrication equipment. Machinery currently on display at the demonstration center includes a high-performance VT-Series CNC turret punch press, Orion laser cutting system, Axel flying optics laser cutting system, PPEB precision press brake with Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system, economical SP Series press brake, and guillotine shear.633470016811744957 LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

The machinery demonstration area is complemented by a spacious classroom for training on use of LVD Strippit’s CADMAN punching, bending and laser cutting software. The classroom is equipped with modern teaching tools. The combination of classroom training and machinery demonstration provides an ideal learning environment.

Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Are you manufacturing brackets, electronic chassis and assemblies?  Do you require timely press Brake operations? Eliminate second operations!  Save Money!

pullmax bending Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches3 29 2011 11 09 12 AM Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches

Parts such as brackets, electronic chassis and assemblies can be completed in the  Pullmatic 720/520 punching machines instead of adding 1 or 2 operations in other machine types such as press brakes.

The Pullmatic 720/520 is designed for exceptional forming and bending capacity. With advanced PCU (Punch Unit Control) software the machine can be utilized in forming and bending operations that traditionally has been performed in press brakes. By decreasing the number of operations and finish parts with less handling and setup´s part value can in some cases be increased with up to 75%.

Forming operations such as knockouts, louvers and countersinks will be performed with high accuracy. The machines also have the capacity of bending flanges up to 75mm/3″ high. These bends can be performed in a variety of angles. Even parts that are not located in 0 or 90 degrees on the sheet can be formed, since the OptiBend feature includes auto index. Internal as well as external bends can be formed on the parts.

The Pullmatic 720/520 bends at least three times higher than most other punching machines.

  • Punches, forms, marks, taps and cuts
  • Reduces the cost per part
  • Flexible automation
  • Pullmax is now part of the LVD Strippit family of fabrication equipment.