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LVD Strippit: Improving Bending Quality and Production

Monday, February 20th, 2012

 LVD Strippit: Improving Bending Quality and ProductionImproving Bending Quality & Productivity with Angle Measurement Technology

Thursday, May 17, 2012 1:00 P.M. (CST)

Presented by LVD Strippit

Put an end to bending challenges — lengthy setups, test bends, scrap — by applying angle measurement technology. Learn how your bending requirements — whether for simple or complex parts, small or large batch production — can be met more efficiently and cost-effectively. This Webcast details the advantages of using angle measurement technology, how it works and why its application can significantly improve the accuracy and throughput of your bending process by providing consistent bending results. Join us for a comprehensive look at angle measurement technology and its potential for your bending operation.

Paul LeTang, Bending Product Sales Manager 
Bob Mathien, Press Brake Applications Manager

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Friday, January 13th, 2012

PPEC press brakes combine a rugged, simple design and easy-to-use features to provide performance and value for forming applications. These smaller tonnage PPEC machines are fast, compact, simple to operate, and energy efficient.

An Energy Reduction System (ERS) reduces cost of operation by offering energy savings of up to 30 percent over comparable designs.


The PPEC Series of compact 35 and 50 ton press brakes are designed for fast, efficient bending of smaller piece parts at bending speeds up to 20 mm per second (47” per minute). 

PPEC Compact 35 and 50 ton models are equipped with LVD’s CADMAN® Lite control. Based on the same easy-to-use platform as the full-featured CADMAN® Touch control, CADMAN Lite offers a number of the same key features, including 2D graphic programming with automatic collision detection, direct angle or Quick Bend programming, and connection with LVD’s CADMAN-B offline programming software.

PPEC Compact Series press brakes include a two-axis (X, R) or four-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2). Safety fences and guarding system are provided per CE regulations. A choice of vertical load, LVD Classic or Euro style tooling is offered.

For high speed, high accuracy forming, PPEC Compact Series press brakes provide the right balance of price, performance and value.

LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

LVD Company nv now incorporates a new Energy Reduction System (ERS) into its PPEC series PPEC Press Brake press brake products, helping to tackle the topical issue of rising energy costs. ERS efficiently manages power consumption throughout the
operating day during machine operation, standby and idle times thus reducing energy consumption by 15 to 30 per cent over previous generation machines. The introduction of ERS demonstrates LVD’s green initiative to engineer and manufacture energy-efficient equipment. The company o?ers entry level machines in manual and CNC versions, multi-axis press brakes with LVD’s Easy-Form Laser adaptive forming system and the new CADMAN Touch PC-based CNC control. LVD also specialises in custom stand-alone and tandem press brake installations specially designed and engineered for the forming requirement, including public lighting, shipbuilding, offshore drilling and heavy machinery applications. Its PPEB-H custom press brakes range in size from 640 tons up to 3000 tons. Standard series PPEB con?gurable press brakes are available from 80 tons, 1.5 metres up to 640 tons, 8.1 metres.

The CADMAN® Touch by LVD Strippit

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
cadman control The CADMAN® Touch by LVD Strippit

The CADMAN® Touch is easy to use due to its intuitive icon (picture) driven technology. This allows the operator to get into production with fewer actions and much less training.
The CADMAN® Touch uses industrial infrared touch screen technology that is highly reliable and can even be used while wearing work gloves.
The CADMAN® Touch Control includes importing of 3D CAD files directly into the machine control, then it automatically programs the entire production process.

Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

Monday, August 29th, 2011

fryer 5 axis Manufacturer Training For Machine Tools

We have listened to many excuses by new customers for not taking advantage of training offered by the OEM. For example, the flights and hotel cost are too expensive or I can’t have one of my most valuable employees away from the shop for that long. Well, factory training can be scheduled so it won’t interrupt daily workflow, your employee obtains crucial knowledge and spends time with factory personnel that have operated the machine you just purchased.  Just think, when he has a problem he now has a factory friend he can contact.   That may save you down time and repair costs down the road.  Take the training it’s a great investment.

Caldwell Machinery Manufacturers provide training for the following machine lines:

  • Jet Edge
  • Strippit
  • KSI Swiss Machines
  • IWM Water Jets
  • Fryer, Mills and Lathes
  • Ecotech Grinders
  • AV Water Jet
  • Hansvedt EDM
  • Pullmax, Punch Press
  • AKS  Plasma

LVD Strippit – Compact Series Press Brake

Friday, August 19th, 2011


compact press brake LVD Strippit    Compact Series Press Brake

• Mid-range bending solution offering a balanced mix of performance and value
• Rugged, simple design
• Bending speeds up to 20 mm per second for fast, accurate bending of smaller piece parts
• Energy Reduction System (ERS) provides energy savings up to 30 percent over comparable designs
• Easy to use CADMAN® Lite CNC control
• Robust state of the art hydraulic system with automatic tilt control
• Double bed referenced encoders for absolute accuracy
• Two-axis (X, R) or four-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2)
• LVD vertical load, Classic and Euro style tooling options available

New Product – LVD/Strippit

Monday, August 8th, 2011

7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM New Product   LVD/Strippit

 LVD Strippit expands manufacturing in the United States! We are extending the PPEC Press Brake range up to 700 tons.  At the  New York Facility we are currently  building PPEC  Press Brakes as large 260 tons.  LVD Strippit has elected to build all Press Brakes through  700 tons in the United States.  Make sure you see this remarkable Press Brake. The relocation of this manufacturing segment will bring jobs to the United States and lowers costs to LVD Strippit customers.

Buy New Strippit Press Brake – Instead of Used Junk

Monday, August 1st, 2011

flag Buy New Strippit Press Brake   Instead of Used Junk

Do you like the AMADA NC9EX Control?

Take a look at the control on the LVD/Strippit PPEC Press Brake!

PPEC CONTROL1 300x240 Buy New Strippit Press Brake   Instead of Used Junkinterface Buy New Strippit Press Brake   Instead of Used Junk

The American made PPEC Press Brake is designed to use  Amada, European or American style tooling.

ppec Buy New Strippit Press Brake   Instead of Used Junk

All  LVD/Strippit Press Brakes are designed and built utilizing a rigid welded one-piece frame design, machined without repositioning and stress relieved by vibration, guaranteeing machine precision. Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet. Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground and micro polished for years of trouble-free service.

New Technology plus Support– Instead of buying an Amada machine on the used market “as is – where is” with all It’s faults and defects, you can get a brand new PPEC.

Factory Warranty – Factory Installation & Training

Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Productivity and flexibility are two main requirements in today’s manufacturing industry. Higher demands on efficiency require more parts to be produced with a higher degree of automation. One decisive factor for unmanned production is material availability, with this feature the machine can produce several different parts in two different material types unmanned.

compact automation Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

 Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

The Pullmatic 720/520 can be supplied with a fully automatic material handling system. The compact system will handle raw material and skeletons as well as punched and formed parts, on a compact layout of 70m² (753 sqf) including the punching machine. The handling system is fully integrated in the Pullmax O600 control system to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity. The modular design ensures the production requirements today and in the future.

LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet Points

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

cartoon LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet PointsDoctor Bender’s LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet Points

  • Press brake controls that are the easiest in the world to learn and use.
  • Extensive capacity range from 40 tons, 5 foot to 4,000 tons, 50 foot.
  • Comprehensive technology range from simple to 14 CNC controlled axes.
  • Several different features to reduce setup time and reduce scrap.
  • Universal and quick change tooling systems.
  • Energy saving features that can reduce operating costs by 30%.
  • Excellent technical support with resident applications manager.
  • Off-line software that ties laser cutting and punching together with bending.
  • Made in the USA!
  • In stock for immediate delivery.