The Brake Press

The brake press, also known as press brakes are very useful shaping sheet metal. Typically they work with a table below which holds the die and a moveable beam above where the punch is located. There are several types of brake presses available and they are described by the types of force applied in the process.


Mechanical Press – A clutch is used along with a flywheel to operate a crank. Mechanical presses are known for their speed and accuracy.

Mechanical Press1 300x264 The Brake Press
Mechanical Press












Hydraulic Press – Uses two hydraulic cylinders located on the sides of the press. They move the upper beam.


Electro Hydraulic Press large 1 250x300 The Brake Press
Electro Hydraulic Press














Servo-electric Press – Exerts force by driving a belt drive or ballscrew with a servo-motor (a motor with encoders to provide accurate positioning and speed).


546802 300x201 The Brake Press
Servo-electric Turret Punch Press











Pneumatic Press – Uses air pressure to provide force.

PNEUMATIC PRESS TO PIERCE HOLE Medium Web view 198x300 The Brake Press
Pneumatic Press















Mechanical presses have long been the dominant type in the world of machining. But since the 1950s, hydraulic presses have become the most popular as a result of advances in hydraulic and computer technologies. Now, hydraulic presses are known to be very reliable and accurate. They are also considered a safe option because the ram’s motion can be stopped much easier than that of flywheel-driven mechanical presses. Servo-electric and pneumatic presses are ideal for processes requiring lower amounts of force (tonnage).


Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser – Which is Right for You?

Which machine do you need to for your shop? As you can see each of these technologies offer advantages and disadvantages.

water jet Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser   Which is Right for You?

Which technology is right for your company?  We sell Jet Edge Water Jets, AKS  Plasma , ONA & Hansvedt EDM’s and LVD Strippit  Lasers. We can work with you to find the right solution for your business. Please don’t forget that a LVD/Strippit punch press can be cost effective.

comparison Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser   Which is Right for You?

Strippit Press Brake With Wila Hydraulic Clamping

Good News! The PPEC is now available with Wila quick acting hydraulic clamping on the ram. The upper clamping system will be similar in function to the system provided on the PPEB series and will be integrated onto the machine. This unit is a direct replacement for the standard manual punch holders and offers the same working height with no change in the machine open space of 15.7”.

Quotes from Akron will now include this option for Wila New Standard and US tooling styles at a price of $990 a foot.

Lower hydraulic clamping is not available on this machine and will not be considered for any PPEC quotation.
7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM Strippit Press Brake With Wila Hydraulic Clamping
We have a PPEC-7 80/25 and a PPEC-7 135/30 available for shipment from Akron before year end. The PPEC-7 80/25 will be completed by the end of October and the PPEC-7 135/30 will available to ship in early December.

Introducing the LVD Strippit – VX Series Maxiumum Punching Productivity

LVD Strippit VX Series Punch Press 300x240 Introducing the LVD Strippit – VX Series Maxiumum Punching Productivity

The new VX-Series delivers the highest level of punching productivity of any Strippit CNC turret punch press. A high-speed 20 metric ton hydraulic ram combined with a large, versatile 48-station turret and innovative table design makes this turret punch press 30% more productive than previous generation Global machines. An energy-saving hydraulic press drive and motor system optimized for high-speed operation generate fast axis speeds of up to 530 hits per minute on 1? (25 mm) centers and up to 1750 strokes per minute. Workpieces up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) are rapidly and accurately positioned thanks to an innovative table design. The Strippit VX-Series is equipped with three programmable, relocatable  work clamps, which can be automatically positioned on the X carriage and individually relocated to a new position within the part program. This reduces or eliminates “no punch” zones, increasing material utilization. A double-track turret features four standard 3.5? (88,9 mm) auto indexable stations that utilize the latest wheel tool technology. Every station accepts shaped punches and dies and can be further enhanced with the addition of indexable multitools to expand turret capacity and flexibility. An energy reduction system (ERS) reduces machine energy consumption up to 15% (compared to previous LVD Strippit models),  efficiently managing power usage. With an average power consumption of only 6.7 kW and standby of only

0.9 kW, the Strippit VX-Series is one of the world’s lowest energy consuming punch presses. For maximum productivity, all Strippit VX-Series punch presses can be furnished as automation ready and may be integrated with an optional, retrofitable automatic load/unload system, Pick-Sort material handling system or Compact Tower.  With  Strippit VX-series you can create a manufacturing cell.

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