Water Jet …. CNC Control

CNC System

Main features

Highly reliable industrial personal computer
User-friendly interface with real-time process check control
network ready for operator and designer to share files
17 inch LCD for better look and feel
portable controller station operator operate at any desired position
DXF files and NC code support
AutoCAD DXF export
With the forward and backward cutting function you can avoid a shutdown time which preserves work integrity

Steady Speed Control Function

Velocity change drastically affects processing quality regardless of straight line or circular arc cutting. Steady speed control system regulates cutting speed on each axis with a constant velocity which guarantees cutting quality.

Subsection Processing Model And Smooth Processing Model

With smooth processing model. Line controller I just speed according to design figure by connecting multiple smaller lines together with circular arcs this news out speed fluctuation the finishing edges and improved were quality.

Automatic Speed Processing Function For Small Arcs

this function allows users to set limits on the radius of small art and cutting speed. The system automatically detects the size of the art radius during operation radius exceeds the preset limit cutting proceeds at high speed. If our radius is below or equal to the limit, it operates at a desired lower speed. this approach improved operating efficiency and product quality.

Repeat Cutting Function

For large batch operation. Repeat cutting function allows the operator to program repeatable operations. One piece at a time until all batch is processed. Less keystrokes equals better efficiency

Power Outage Coordination Recovery Function

In the case of a power interruption or loss this reset capability memorizes 10 previous coordinates which can be recovered after power is restored.

Dual Speed Variation Function

With the separation of high and low speed operational parameters. It allows convenient adjustment of operational speed even in a low-speed situation. This guarantees quality at every corner.

Pause Function And Variable Starting Section Function

During the cutting process. This function allows you to pause and manually move the machine or NBI to a position to to resume cutting without the need of a program reset. In fact, it allows you to resume cutting at any line number. This makes our waterjet highly flexible and reversible to meet different requirements.

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