LVD/Strippit – ToolCell

ToolCell is a press brake with an integrated automated tool changing system. Storage of a library of top and bottom tooling is housed within a “tooling stadium” located behind the machine’s backgauge unit. An innovative gripper design built into the machine’s backgauge finger allows the backgauge to serve as the tool changer mechanism.

The ToolCell automatically changes the top and bottom tooling as required for the job. Tools are all held within the machine, significantly minimizing tool changeover time and improving bending productivity.

ToolCell features LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle monitoring and
correction technology ensuring first part, good part accuracy. LVD’s latest generation 19” touch screen control, Touch-B, features intuitive graphical icons used to control all parameters of the machine for fast and efficient operation

Capture LVD/Strippit    ToolCell

• Maximizes productivity – Using ToolCell optimizes throughput by reducing unproductive time
• Precise set-up for every job – No fine adjustment of tool stations for bending
• All tools held within the machine – No searching for the tools you need
• Large library of tools – 2 complete lengths of self-seating top tooling (punches) and
5 complete lengths of bottom tooling (Vee dies) held within the machine
• Flexible tooling configuration – tools within the ‘Tool Stadium’ can be configured to
suit specific application requirements
• Automated tool loading and unloading – while your operator is preparing the next job
• Intuitive LVD Touch-B 19” touch screen control system – for fast and efficient operation
• Easy-Form® Laser – patented in process angle monitoring and correction system
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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