Advanced Tooling Technology

tool21 Advanced Tooling Technology

Strippit V-Series punch presses accommodate the latest tooling technology for high-performance

fabricating. These capabilities further reduce set-up time, enhance productivity and promote long life

with minimal maintenance costs. Advanced tooling technology provides:

  • Quick set up
  • Long tool life
  • Quick and precise tool length adjustment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Slug control capabilitytool1 Advanced Tooling Technology

Multi-Tool, a unique concept in machine tooling, dramatically boosts turret capacity. The Multi-Tool

indexing mechanism, standard on all Strippit V-Series punch presses, allows each station within the

Multi-Tool to be automatically indexed. This eliminates the need for specially keyed punches and

dies and allows indexing of a greater range of commonly used tools. Once loaded, Multi-Tool

remains in the turret, reducing set-up time. Subsequent tool selection by program is completed

in less than one second.

Form tooling increases machine versatility and reduces secondary operations. Precise programmable

ram control on the hydraulic ram minimizes part springback and produces an exceptionally accurate

formed part. Wheel tooling, including rollcut and rollform capabilities, permits quick and efficient

cutting and/or forming of straight or curved shapes without nibbling. Strippit V-Series punch presses

also employ part marking technology for part number or sheet marking requirements and can utilize

tapping tools. tool3 Advanced Tooling Technology

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