Novel Use For a Water Jet

Water jets are great for processing metals for food-related uses.  But what about food itself?  Paprima’s Ultra-High Pressure water jet is a great method for cutting food for several reasons.  Water jets are much more hygenic than traditional methods because they don’t involve blades which have been known to transfer bacteria and pathogens onto food products.  And this particular water jet uses a continuous stream of drinking water rather than mixing water with an abrasive.  The UHP water jet has an opening of about .004″ which is small enough to cut delicate foods producing a clean cut with no bruising.

CHEESECAKE CIMG09701 300x246 Novel Use For a Water Jet
Paprima UHP Water Jet












The nozzle on the UHP moves water at 3 times the speed of sound providing extreme cutting power. The diamond nozzle should be able to last approximately 3 months being used continuously.

APPLE HALF CIMG0998 300x246 Novel Use For a Water Jet
UHP Water Jet cutting apples

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