Carr Corporation Installs a New P Series Punch Press

Carr Corp Main Offices Carr Corporation Installs a New P Series Punch PressCarr Corporation,, was founded in 1946 and is the one of the last manufacturers in Santa Monica. They manufacture medical accessories, x-ray accessories, x-ray illuminators, stainless steel surgical cabinets, stainless steel lab case work, specimen pass through, narcotics lockers, lead shields, lead lined window frames, shelving, film bins, film files, cassette pass boxes, darkroom cabinets, charting stations, apron & glove racks, lighted information signs, chart racks, and ID Printers. Carr is a family business with a worldwide clientele.  Reese Carr and his  staff are dedicated to building quality products and delivering them on time.

Carr Corporation has completed projects for the Mayo Clinic, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, City of Hope and dozens of other projects.

Reese selected the P Series Punch because of its dependability, the small foot print, 100 inches by 177 inches. footprint p series Carr Corporation Installs a New P Series Punch Press

P-Series CNC turret punch presses feature a cost efficient 20-ton machine designed for reliability and ease of use. Suitable for entry-level fabricators, P-Series machines are also ideal for cellular manufacturing, short runs or prototypes.

A 21-station turret with three 50, 8 mm (2”) auto-index stations, powerful Fanuc 0iP CNC control, and rugged frame and table design achieve tight tolerances and consistent punching accuracy.

Hydraulic ram technology offers complete control of the ram position to achieve the highest punching rates of any machine in its class. Parameters are easily accessed and changed to provide optimal forming characteristics and to reduce slug pulling.

P-Series punch presses come standard with three 50, 8 mm (2″) auto-index stations. All turret stations are keyed for maximum tool load flexibility.

Key options:

  • ABS automatic tool lubrication
  • CADMAN-P 3D offline software

Models available:

P-Series 1212 – 20 ton – 49.21” x 49.21” 1250 x 1250 mm (before reposition)
P-Series 1225 – 20 ton – 49.21” x 98.4” 1250 x 2500 mm (before reposition)p series Carr Corporation Installs a New P Series Punch Press

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