LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

These features of LVD Strippit press brake technology address the problems of bending and ensure the quality of every end product produced.

Bend Angle Precision Engineering:

The LVDStrippit PPEB precision hydraulic press brakes are designed by “finite elements analysis.” All models are equipped with bed referenced linear encoders and the latest servo-controlled hydraulic systems to ensure precise control of the upper beam position and repeatability.


The LVD Strippit CADMAN®-CNC press brake control assures first time bend angle results by the automatic application of the exclusive CADMAN angle correction database. Previous bending data experience on specific tools and materials are cross-referenced and automatically applied.

4 15 2011 bendpng LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

4 15 2011 bend 2 PM LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

Easy-Form® Laser:

The patented Easy-Form Laser angle control system controls the bend angle in real time without slowing the bending process. The unique design of the EasyForm system allows the machine to adapt to variations in material consistency and compensates for any changes in radius as a result of grain direction changes. First time bend angles and consistent part repeatability are assured. The Easy-Form Laser system guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation. The symmetric angle measuring system, located on the front and back side of the

4 15 2011 bend 3 PM LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutionspress brake table, consists of two laser monitors linked withan expert software database in the CADMAN-CNC control. As the bending sequence of the press brake is initiated, the sensing device transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently recalculates the correct depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.

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