Touch Screen for Laser Cutting Machines

TouchL 490x392 Touch Screen for Laser Cutting Machines


LVD’s new Touch-L, a touch screen graphical user interface (powered by CADMAN®) and featured on select models of laser cutting systems, brings the ease of LVD’s Intelli-Touch technology to laser processing so that both routine and complex operations can be quickly and efficiently accomplished with minimal operator input.

Touch-L simplifies the laser cutting process by using intuitive graphical icons and visual indicators to control and display functions such as lens and nozzle selection, download of an NC file to the machine memory, quick file searching and file editing, preview of the part/nesting, and to provide real time reproduction of the cutting path.

After selection of the parts, Touch–L performs automatic nesting and job generation and production can begin. In an easy and intuitive way, the operator can change cutting quantlities, the position and type of lead-in, and add or relocate micro joints for all online generated jobs.Touch-L imports multiple extensions, including DXF/NC, and supports USB memory and network drives.

Touch-L is also compatible with LVD’s CADMAN-OEE process management software, which captures and analyzes key machine productivity indicators so that users can optimize the overall efficiency of their equipment.The end result is easier, more intuitive programming and faster, more efficient processing.

Experience the simplicity and the power of Touch-L.

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