Pullmax + LVD/Strippit

merger Pullmax + LVD/Strippit

Under the agreement each company will maintain their independent corporate identity but will combine key operations in the areas of sales, service, production and engineering development.

Under the terms of the operational merger, LVD will manufacture Pullmax punching machines for the world market and will collaborate with Pullmax on research and development efforts for future punching products and technology. Pullmax will represent the breadth of LVD laser cutting, punching, bending and shearing equipment, as well as LVD software and mid-range automation products.

The complete range of Pullmax punching machines will be added to LVD’s existing punch press product portfolio. The result will be the industry’s most comprehensive punching product offering with a broad range of capabilities and an extensive line of automated systems.

In Scandinavia and the UK, Pullmax and LVD sales and service operations will be merged at a country level to provide an integrated sales and service network for LVD and Pullmax customers alike. For all other markets, LVD will provide sales and service support via an extensive network of subsidiaries and agents.

Proven track record

Pullmax is recognized as a leader in advanced production machinery and system solutions. The 73-year-old company, once a division of ESAB, has more than 50,000 machines installed worldwide and enjoys a well-earned reputation for robust, innovative and reliable punching systems having supplied production facilities of such well-known companies as , Greenheck Fan Corporation – USA, Nibe – Scandinavia, Carter Retail Equipment – UK and others.

The company’s 520 and 720 punch presses are high speed, high production punching machines capable of forming flanges up to 75 mm, featuring a unique tool changer design that allows indexing of tools 360 degrees and expanded turret capacity using its Extended Tool Magazine (ETM) and OrbitTool cassette. Fully automated, the machines allow unmanned production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Established in 1952, LVD’s core business focus is punching, laser cutting, bending and offline software process integration. A leader in bending technology, the company was the first to introduce a PC-based control for the press brake and has led the market in adaptive bending technology and custom forming solutions.

The Future – Innovation Culture

Moving forward, LVD and Pullmax will combine design and engineering resources to address market requirements, jointly developing and introducing new sheet metal fabrication products.

Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Chairman of LVD, stated, “We are enthusiastic about combining forces with Pullmax to offer a broader umbrella of high-level punching products and more extensive automation solutions to our customers. The addition of Pullmax punch presses to our Strippit line of punching products further strengthens and positions the LVD brand.”

Tomas Hellström Chairman of Pullmax added, “LVD’s vast range of products, and in particular their expertise in forming, laser cutting technology and offline software technology, opens doors of opportunity for Pullmax to offer increased added value to our customers by having a more comprehensive set of solutions beyond our core punching and automation products.”



The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC based Windows® compatible software.


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