Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

STRIPPIT PA-SERIES      PA series auto load /unload video


pa series Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

Add a Strippit PA-Series automatic load/unload system to an existing Strippit punch press and transform your machine into a streamlined production cell.The Strippit PA-Series is compact, easy to use, easy to access and retrofitable for Strippit V, VT, VX, ST and S-Series punch presses. It provides continuous, uninterrupted processing, delivering more value and productivity for your punching applications.An affordable automation system, the Strippit PA-Series is a budget friendly means of reaping the benefits of automated production, including better use of existing labor, reduced material handling, greater efficiency and productivity.Offered in two configurations: Strippit PA-1225 supports sheet sizes up to 49.2?x 98.4? (1250 x 2500 mm); Strippit PA-1530 handles materials up to 60?x 120? (1524 x 3048 mm). Both systems work with minimum sheet sizes of 19.6?x 39.3? (500 x 1000 mm) in maximum sheet thicknesses of .140? (3,5 mm).


A material handling system combined with a high-speed punching machine allows a continuous, even flow of work through the punch press, providing a high level of productivity. Worksheet handling time can be reduced as much as 80 percent.

USE OF LARGER BLANK SIZES/WORKPIECESstrippit 300x235 Why Automate Your Machine Tool? LVD Strippit

Automated load/unload devices can handle large workpieces that can’t easily be managed in a manual operation, or where a two operator setup is needed. Automating the loading and unloading of the sheet takes advantage of the machine’s capacity to handle larger blanks, thus increasing efficiency.


Automating punch press operations makes “lights out” production feasible. Production can be switched to different nestings by automatically changing the program after one batch is finished. Double sheet detection and sheet separation devices prevent loading of multiple sheets.


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