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Sirius Plus - Modular Automation - Intuitive Touch L Control - Adaptive Laser Cutting - Laser Cutting System - LVD-Strippit

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Sirius Plus - Modular Automation - Intuitive  Touch L Control - Adaptive Laser Cutting - Laser Cutting System - LVD-Strippit

ALC Adaptive Laser Cutting

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Do you have Adaptive Laser Cutting, Why not? 


  1.  Increases productivity up to 10%.   By monitoring the cut in real time, ALC ensures the part is processed in the shortest possible time.

  2.  Maximizes part quality.  By ensuring the cut is held at the optimal thermal conditions throughout the cutting process, the highest part quality is assured.

  3.  Eliminates need for predefined parameters    ALC is a live in process system that automatically adapts to material variations.

  4.  Eliminates scrap or rework   ALC manages the cutting process to eliminate scrap or rework as a result of poor cutting technology or operator error.

  5.  Patented technology  ALC is patented technology that provides a competitive advantage.

LVD Strippits new SIRIUS PLUS is a compact laser cutting system that enables your fabrication shop to process a wide variety of shapes and materials within a modest and cost effective budget.

Sirius Plus is a three-axis gantry style flying optic machine for cutting flat sheets. Three numerically controlled axes are designated X, Y and Z. A cutting head moves along the X-axis over a maximum distance of 121 inches. A gantry is moved along the 61 inches Y-axis. There is also a servo-controlled Z-axis which enables the cutting head to follow undulations in the plate. The Z-axis travel is 7.0 inches.

LVD Touch L CNC Control

The new Touch L, CNC control guarantees the highest quality reproduction of the programmed contours even at sharp edges or at high speed. The easy to use Touch-L controller features on-board programming and nesting.

Operating system: Windows Embedded Memory capacity: 2 x 4 G byte flash 1 G byte RAM

Screen: 19 inch LCD Color TOUCH Screen

Microprocessor: Dual core 1.5 GHz

All data is permanently displayed and clearly structured on the screen. They can be set from a program as well as from the control panel. New Touch-L user-interface makes it possible for the operator to navigate easy and effectively through the program library.

The Sirius3015 Plus utilizes a Fanuc IC-series laser resonator. A characteristic feature of this RF excited fast axial flow laser is the Low Order-D- Mode of the laser beam. This is achieved by the very low frequency -Solid State Electronic Excitation-. This low frequency excitation results in low power and low gas consumption, as well as reduced maintenance and consumable costs. This mode is ideal for processing a wide variety of materials.

Other key characteristics:
a) The laser can be pulsed in various modes to give excellent productive cuts in stainless steel and aluminum.
b) An internal He Ne Laser provides simple beam alignment with greater speed, safety and accuracy.
c) Automatically performs internal diagnostics, thereby preventing back reflections from reflective material that can cause damage to the internal laser optics.
d) All new Fanuc IC-series resonators are equipped with the long-life discharge tubes, cyclone cleaner unit, and photo-catalytic elements.

The SIRIUS PLUS offers fabricators a choice of two different resonators  2000 or 4000 watt. The range of resonators allows fabricators to choose the resonator power most efficient for their business.
Fabricators processing primarily 5/8 Inches mild steel and thinner can take advantage of the low energy and running costs of a 2000 watt system. Those processing thicker gauges will benefit from the 4000 watt system, which cuts mild steel up to 3/4 inches thick. The higher wattage system also processes thinner gauges at higher speeds.

The SIRIUS PLUS in combination with the optional compact tower becomes a cost-effective high productive laser machine.


Maximum plate size: 60 inches x 120 inches
Y Axis Travel 61 inches
X Axis Travel 121 inches
Z Axis Travel 7.0 inches
Maximum Positioning Speeds
X Axis Up to 2785 inches/minute
Y Axis Up to 2785 inches/minute
Z Axis Up to 590 inches/minute
Simultaneous Axis Speeds Up to 3900inches/minute
Repetitive Accuracy +/- 0.0008 inches
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.002 inches/40inches
Electric Connections:
Voltage 220

Current Location: Akron, New York

Demonstrations? Yes

Time Studies: Yes

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