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39 to 700 tons PPEC - Made in America - 7 axis - Press Brake - LVD-Strippit

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 39 to 700 tons  PPEC - Made in America - 7 axis - Press Brake - LVD-Strippit

Cadman Lite   Infrared touch screen technology

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Manufactured in Akron New York .  LVDs simple to use PPEC press
brakes provide capacities from
39 tons, 61 inches up to 700 tons, 265 inches with 4 to 7 CNC controlled axes,
depending upon machine model. The LVD     V axis crowning system is
fitted to PPEC 5 and PPEC 7
models to ensure parallel and
consistent bending results over the
different tonnage levels. 

CADMAN Lite Control

The LVD designed and produced CADMAN Lite provides the very latest in infrared touch screen technology,
running on a Windows embedded PC based control unit.

The CADMAN Lite is easy to use due to its intuitive icon driven functions. This allows the operator to get
from a drawing to a part with fewer actions. The industrial infrared touch screen technology is highly reliable
and can even be used while wearing work gloves. This touch screen technology is already being successfully
utilized on other LVD products.

 Angle Correction Data Base
For each new part the angle correction Database automatically searches for and verifies the following
matched criteria: tooling, material, thickness & bend angle.

Bend Allowance Data Base
The Bend Allowance Data Base is an empirically derived data base used in determining the exact dimensions
of the flat blank required for bending. The automatically searched and applied bend allowance data is critical
in determining the exact position of bend lines and hole positions within a part.

the demands of a constantly changing marketplace requires flexibility,
reliability and the use of advanced production techniques that ensure
end-product quality. Flexible automation has become a key element in the
success of any manufacturer. The PPEC Series represent the latest technology
with the means to respond to an ever evolving market.

Current Location: Akron, New York

Estimated Delivery Date? 4 - 6 weeks

Demonstrations? Yes

Time Studies: Yes

Installation Cost: Included

Training: Included

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* Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.
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