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20 Ton - 47 Station M Series - Made in America ! - Punch Press - LVD-Strippit

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20 Ton - 47  Station  M Series  - Made in America ! - Punch Press - LVD-Strippit

47-station turret configuration that offers tremendous flexibility and capacity.

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Strippit M-Series CNC turret punch presses feature a large capacity 47 station thick turret configuration 51 per cent larger than the previous generation design. The versatile mix of stations includes three standard 88,9 mm
 (3.5 inch) auto-index stations and four 50,9 mm (2 inch) stations for high flexibility, reduced set up time and increased productivity. 

The Strippit M-1212 from LVD Strippit represents the cutting edge in modern punch press technology. Using the most advanced control and frame design, the Strippit M 1212 brings a new level of productivity to fabricating. With the high speeds necessary for medium to long run production and the flexibility for short run production, the Strippit M 1212 is a unique machine in todays demanding fabrication environment.

Turret Features

The 47 station thick tool style turret was specially designed for the Strippit M 1212 to give the optimum in performance and flexibility. Three direct drive, belt less auto-index stations are standard. Each auto-index station accepts 3 1/2 inch tooling, indexable multitools or Wilson wheels. As in all LVD Strippit turrets, each station has a hardened steel bushing to ensure tight punch alignment for the life of the machine. All stations are also keyed to allow shaped tooling to be used in all stations.
This turret is gear driven from the outer edge for smooth, precise motion. Shot pin assemblies are also mounted beyond the punch and die locations to optimize alignment at the tool during the punch cycle. New quick change die bases were implemented for the 1/2 inch and 1 1/4 inch stations to reduce tool change time and increase punching time. A joy stick is mounted near the tool load door for easy, safe operation of the turret. This eliminates the need to go to the control to rotate the turret for tool changing. The load door is very large giving access to multiple turret stations

 The Strippit M Series of CNC turret punch presses offer the largest turret capacity of machines
in their class. A 47 station turret provides high flexibility and reduces set-up time, increasing
machine productivity. The versatile mix of turret stations includes three 3.5 inch (88,9 mm)
auto-indexing stations capable of accepting a variety of indexable Multi Tools, tapping, and wheel
tools. Four 2 inch (50,8 mm) stations accommodate large punching and forming operations. A full 
.984 inch (25 mm) feed clearance between the upper and lower turret allows for the production of higher forms
such as lances, louvers, embossments or card guides. These rugged 20 ton hydraulic punch presses
 handle a range of material sizes and thicknesses, and are able to process large work pieces with sheet repositioning. Smart Clamp, a standard feature, automatically detects exact clamp locations to provide
the smallest possible no punch zones. The patented Smart Stroke feature automatically optimizes
the ram stroke and simplifies programming operations to assure high efficiency and productivity.

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