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Model BS-18A Automated Horizontal Band Saw - Support Equipment - Caldwell-Machinery

Model BS-18A   Automated Horizontal Band Saw - Support Equipment - Caldwell-Machinery

Wide selection of saws available.

Control panel with touch screen NC controller
Cutting Variable Speed 
Automatic Feeding Material

Model  BS-18A 18" capacity, fully automatic vari speeds 3HP  220/440V 3PH Standard Features:  ISO 9001 certified

  Fully automatic band saw with touch screen NC control of blade speeds, convert from inch to mm, feeding times,
cutting length set-up, operation mode of continue auto cycle cutting & single cut & manual cutting, manual
adjustment, and cutting piece counter.
 Swivel base for miter cut from 0-60 degree 
 Servo motor controls the feeding for accuracy cutting length
  Automatic clamping system 
 Automatic material infeed
  Variable blade speeds from 52-618 fpm, driven by servo motor 
 Automatic down feed with adjustable rate 
 Automatic head raise up when cut finishes 
 Carbide blade guides for long life 
 Complete coolant system 
 Saw blade safety guards 
 Manual & automatic cycle operation modes
 8 foot infeed table with rollers 
 8 foot long outfeed table with safety protection guard 
 Safety 24 low voltage electric controls & overload protection 
 Power source: 220/440V 3 phase
 One year industrial warranty for parts 

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