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Section 179 Tax Savings - Leasing Specials - CA-Finance


Section 179 Tax Savings - Leasing Specials - CA-Finance

That is a picture of $52,500.00. That is the potential monies you Could save if you take advantage of Section 179 Please take time to review the attached brochure if you are considering purchasing a new Machine Tool or even if you already have already purchased new equipment for your company. The example is based on $150K Machine Tool purchase. The tax savings in this example were $52,500, a nice pile of cash. 


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* Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.

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  • Free Application Analysis:
  • Test Cuts
  • Time Study
  • 2000 lbs Free Garnet**
  • $1000 worth of spare parts**
  • Tax savings Section 179 guidance

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**with waterjet purchase  

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