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20mm, 32mm and 38mm Swiss Lathe with 12' Magazine Barfeed and No Pmts for 6 Months - Leasing Specials - CA-Finance

20mm, 32mm and 38mm Swiss Lathe with 12' Magazine Barfeed and No Pmts for 6 Months - Leasing Specials - CA-Finance

Net cost of KSI 20mm after section 179 tax savings: $110.508

Make no payments for 6 months when you lease a new KSI Swiss lathe. This program is designed for current economic times, with simple entry and terms. Put the first and last months payments down and have this swiss lathe make money for 6 months without another payment. In addition you will likely qualify for large tax savings when purchasing a swiss lathe.

Take advantage now! KSI Swiss Lathes are World Class!!

KSI Swiss provides the highest quality world-class Swiss Style Automatic CNC Lathes that can be offered. KSI Swiss, in partnership with machine tool builder HJM Automation, is the only American owned provider of this type of machine tool. KSI is a family operated company located in Minnesota. You will not find a better value anywhere. The KSI Swiss machines are known for their 'more' factor, more mass, more rigidity, more tools, more stroke, more thrust, more gripping force, more included options, more training, more room, etc. We're constantly striving to improve our products, as well as add new products as demand rises.

One of the Most common complaints we hear about Swiss-type Automatics, is the lack of interior room for setup. We know that a dark, cramped space is not the ideal working environment for anyone. So we responded by engineering the cabinet of our CNC Swiss Automatics to be as spacious as possible within the machines's minimal footprint.

*Price is for 20mm SM Series Swiss Lathe. Subject to change.*

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Current Location: MN

Estimated Delivery Date? 4 - 6 weeks

Demonstrations? Yes

Time Studies: yes

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* Machine prices and monthy payment estimates are subject to change without notice.

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  • $1000 worth of spare parts**
  • Tax savings Section 179 guidance

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