Have you considered 4 axis Water Jet Cutting?

The main benefit of a four-axis cutting head is to compensate taper, and to make the finished edge completely vertical through the fourth axis – a rotational axis. The four-axis cutting head actually has the structure of a five axis, which purposely has one axis under manual control b the angle axis. Together with the original three-axis (X Y Z), we label them as a four-axis cutting head. Since it has the fifth angle axis under manual control, it can also perform cutting with the entire five axis.

four Have you considered 4 axis Water Jet Cutting?

This specially engineered cutting head has performed remarkably in many cutting fields in reducing the processing cost due to increased operating efficiency.

Compared with our five-axis cutting head design, it has a maximum limit of a 4 degree angle with a rotational accuracy of 0.01 degrees.

For taper compensation, the distance between the cutting head and the surface of the work piece must be maintained with high accuracy. The height positioning accuracy of the four-axis is 0.01mm and the cutting accuracy is 0.1mm, which can easily meet various cutting requirements.

In the marble matching process, waterjet cutting with a four-axis cutting head design is simply amazing. When the angle of the cutting head reaches 4 degrees, the finished edge shows tremendous improvement. As can be seen from this picture, there is no gap between the two joined surface. Hence, a secondary polishing procedure is no longer required. Thereby, it increases working efficiency and reduces the production cost.

stone Have you considered 4 axis Water Jet Cutting?

With this improved four-axis dynamic cutting head design, it is no longer a difficult technique in marble matching. It made traditionally complex marble matching an easy job.

The same methodology is also applicable in glass straight-hole drilling. As an example, when piercing holes in glass, it is not necessary to decrease the cutting speed in order to get straight holes. The ideal effect can be achieved without changing cutting speed, and that is highly beneficial!

Water Jet: Over Flow to Drain System

 Overflow to Drain System      

150 Micron Nylon Bag Pre Filter
50 Gallon Stainless Steel Settling Weir with Removal Baffles
Stainless Steel 07A Size 1 Bag Vessel
5 Micron, Size 1, Polyester Felt “ Posi-Seal ” Final Filter
.5” Cast Iron Heavy Duty Sandpiper AOD Pump
Adjustable Air Regulator with Gauge
Pre Plumbed and Mounted on an 18” x 42” Steel Base with Casters

over flow ro drain system  Water Jet:   Over Flow to Drain System


Comparison of major cutting processes:

Waterjet machines — fast speed, able to cut thick material, good accuracy and finishing surface. Cuts virtually anything with no heat affected zone(HAZ). Some burr occurs near cut. Waterjet is widely used as metal cutting machine, glass cutting machine, ceramic tile cutting machine, marble cutting machine, and granite cutting machine. Waterjet cutting machine typically can cut as much as 4″ thick of steel (100mm).

Wire EDM — slow cutting speed, but able to cut very thick material. EDM has very high accuracy and excellent surface finish. No burr, a little HAZ. Only electrically conductive materials can be cut with EDM. Also there must be a way to drill a hole for putting through the wire for cutting.

Laser — good speed and precise cut when cutting thin material. Laser yields little burr, a little HAZ. Laser is suitable to cut non-reflective mild steel. A 6kw laster machine can cut as much as 25mm (1 inch) steel. Laser cutting machine is also very expensive.

Plasma — cuts at high speeds and generates heat that leaves rough edges. Accuracy is not very high with plasma cutting. Plasma cutting Can cut electrically conductive materials, up to 6″ of aluminum. Process yields HAZ. Special gas need to assist the process.

How Does Water Jet Cutting Machine Work

A water jet machine has essentially two components: a high intensity pump that pressurizes water to 40,000 — 90,000 PSI , and a cutting head assembly mounted on a frame that can move along the  x-y-z direction over the material being cut. Pressurized water is forced through a tiny nozzle hole to create high energy density stream that can erode and tear the surface of materials to achieve a cutting affect.  Pure water ca alone can cut plastics, foam, wood, resilient floor coverings, rubber and similar soft substances.  In some cases, water is mixed with a garnet abrasive to cut harder materials such as metals, stone, ceramics, glass and dense composites.

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Tips for Water Jet Cutting Glass

Tips for Water Jet Cutting Glass

  • Reduce the risk of chipping by using a low-pressure pierce of approximately 10,000 psi.
  • Reduce low-pressure piercing time from two minutes to 10-15 seconds (depending on thickness) by cutting a tiny circle rather than leaving the jet fixed on one spot.
  • 120 grit garnet will produce the best edge quality. If speed is your priority and chipping not a concern, use 80 grit garnet
  • Cut at 75,000 PSI to increase cut speed by 50-75% and improve edge quality.
  • Support glass on a sheet of 3/16” corrugated PVC rather than directly on the metal slats. This reduces the risk of chipping and fogging.
  • If your projects require you to frequently raise and lower pressure, install a patented Jet Edge   dual pressure valve to save time and prolong  waterjet pump  component life.
  • Tempered glass cannot be cut with waterjet.

The History Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

water jet cutter, also known as a waterjet, is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and abrasive substance. The process is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but greatly accelerated and concentrated. It is often used during fabrication or manufacture of parts for machinery and other devices. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. It has found applications in a diverse number of industries For example mining where it is used for operations such as cutting, shaping, carving, and remaining.

Cutting head The History Of Water Jet Cutting Machines A Diagram of a Water Jet Cutter:


  1. High-Pressure Water Inlet
  2. Jewel (ruby or diamond)
  3. abrasive (garnet)
  4. Mixing Tube
  5. Guard
  6. Cutting Water Jet
  7. Cut Material

>In the 1950s, forestry engineer Norman Franz experimented with an early form of water jet cutter to cut lumber. However, the technology did not advance notably until the 1970s when Mohamed Hashish created a technique to add abrasives to the water jet cutter. apple white background1 300x226 The History Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

Water jet manufacturing is such a versatile component in our industry. We are pleasantly surprised by the different applications we observe being considered.

Do you have a water jet application in shop?  Call us we would be happy to review any opportunities with you.


Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable Systems

4000 lb Garnet Removal Bag Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable SystemsOur abrasive removal system is setting new standard in the industry.  These systems are American made & industrial grade insuring quality and safety. This will drastically reduce or eliminate the downtime or loss of production for catch tank cleaning by constantly removing spent abrasive and putting it into an easy to handle 4000 pound bag.

The system is a severe abrasive removal design that ensures the recycled water fed back into the waterjet catch tank is clean of abrasives and debris, even in the most demanding environments.  This system is designed for the production abrasive waterjet machines running, multi shifts, multi heads or oversized gantry’s.


Agitation Removal System1 Efficient Water Jet Systems Have Abrasive Removable Systems

  • 6’ X 12’ TABLES FLOW @ 450 GPM

Call for a system evaluation.                  800-984-4540