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LVD/ Strippit Electra fl

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


634872113989923645  LVD/  Strippit Electra fl

Fast, Flexible Processing

Fast, Flexible Processing
LVD’s Electra FL fiber laser cutting system is
fast and flexible, offering high speed thin sheet
processing, low operating cost and the ability
to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous
Increased beam absorption of the solidstate fiber laser light by the material delivers
processing speeds up to twice as fast as a CO2
laser source.
Electra FL is easy to use and operate featuring
LVD’s touch screen control and user interface,
Touch-L. A 19” touch screen and graphical
user interface efficiently and effortlessly guide
the user through all necessary man-machine
interactions. Touch-L also incorporates a part
programming and nesting feature to import
parts directly to the control, apply cutting
technology and nest sheets at the machine.
A compact, modern design, Electra FL maximizes uptime with an integrated shuttle table
system or modular automation options which
include a compact material warehousing tower
(CT-L) inclusive of integrated load/unload
Key Features oF the electra Fl:
• High speed cutting in thin sheetmetals
• Processferrous and non-ferrousmaterials
• 30%wall plug efficiencyfor low operating
• Multi kWhigh efficiency fiber lasersource
for dynamic processing
• Maintenance –free lasersource
• No laser gas required for laser beam generation
• Simple beampath delivery
• Intuitive LVDTouch-L 19”touch screen
control system
• Integrated shuttle table system
• Automation compatible

LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


LVD now offers its latest 19” Touch-L touch screen graphical user interface on the Sirius Series of CO2 laser cutting systems. Touch-L adds the ease of touch technology to Sirius standard and Plus models, allowing both routine and complex applications to be quickly and efficiently completed with minimal operator input.

Sirius TouchL 490x327 LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

A large 19” screen features intuitive graphical icons and visual indicators to display functions such as lens and nozzle selection, set point piercing/cutting, cutting head position, parts nesting, and provide real time reproduction of the cutting path, guiding the operator through setup and cutting application.

Touch-L also incorporates a part programming and nesting feature allowing users to import parts directly to the control via a network drive or USB memory stick, apply cutting technology, nesting sheets and cut the nested parts directly at the machine.

LVD/Strippit Open House

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

news top1 LVD/Strippit Open House


This is a reminder that the next LVD Strippit Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24, in Akron, New York.  Please keep in mind that this is the last scheduled open house until September.

   The following equipment will be on display in the demo center:

Axel Linear 3015 S 4kW

Orion 3015 Plus 4kW with Load/Unload

PPS 80/20

PPEB 135/30 EFL

CS 06/31

Strippit P-1212

Strippit M-1212

VX-1225 with Compact Tower

Strippit Laser Cutting Accuracy

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Outstanding edge quality

z8 26 2011 10 56 02 PM Strippit Laser Cutting Accuracy

Constant beam length system keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant, always maintaining the focal point at the same position in the material.
This results in:
• higher cutting speeds being maintained over the complete working area
• superior cutting quality over the complete working area. Edge function for cutting sharp corners particularly in thicker plate.

Start-up function for optimal lead ins.

Total power control: automatic adjustment of laser power as a function of speed change. Pulse function for cutting high quality small holes Numerous other processing technologies: engraving, marking,cutting of coated material, etc. Back reflection control: important while cutting aluminium, copper and other reflective materials Process Control (optional): control of the piercing and cutting process.

Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The beam delivery on the Sirius 3015 contains a standard beam length compensation unit, which ensures accurate processing throughout the entire work envelope. Each laser beam has adivergence (diameter of the laser beam varies according to the distance from the resonator) This divergence causes on the one hand a variation in beam diameter. (causes varying edge surfacefinishes and part tolerances according to the position on the cut table)and on the other hand avariation in the position of the focal point (causing part burr).

sirus6 12 2011 8 34 14 PM 300x177 Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system

Flying optic drive systemThe X axis on the SIRIUS PLUS is driven by an inclined rack and pinion transmission: this systemguarantees a very high stiffness. Inclined rack and pinion transmission permits a more accuratedrive system with a higher acceleration. Grease is applied automatically by terms of greasecartridges. The Y and Z axes on the SIRIUS PLUS are driven by ball screw.                                 6 12 2011 8 39 40 PM Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system



LVD Strippit Lasers – How and What Are CNC Lasers

Friday, May 13th, 2011

There are three main types of lasers used in laser cutting. The CO2 laser is suited for cutting, boring, and engraving. The neodymium (Nd) and neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd-Yag) lasers are identical in style and differ only in application. Nd is used for boring and where high energy but low repetition are required. The Nd-YAG laser is used where very high power is needed and for boring and engraving. Both CO2 and Nd/ Nd-YAG lasers can be used for welding

Common variants of CO2 lasers include fast axial flow, slow axial flow, transverse flow, and slab.

CO2 lasers are commonly “pumped” by passing a current through the gas mix (DC-excited) or using radio frequency energy (RF-excited). The RF method is newer and has become more popular. Since DC designs require electrodes inside the cavity, they can encounter electrode erosion and plating of electrode material on glassware and optics.  Since RF resonators have external electrodes they are not prone to those problems.

Axel Laser LVD Strippit Lasers   How and What Are CNC Lasers

CO2 lasers are used for industrial cutting of many materials including mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, paper, wax, plastics, wood, and fabrics. YAG lasers are primarily used for cutting and scribing metals and ceramics.

In addition to the power source, the type of gas flow can affect performance as well. In a fast axial flow resonator, the mixture of carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen is circulated at high velocity by a turbine or blower. Transverse flow lasers circulate the gas mix at a lower velocity, requiring a simpler blower. Slab or diffusion cooled resonators have a static gas field that requires no pressurization or glassware, leading to savings on replacement turbines and glassware.

LVD offers a comprehensive range of laser cutting systems, whether you need a cost-effective machine or a more sophisticated automated solution. From the economical Orion to the Impuls Series of large sheet processing systems, LVD has the laser cutting solution that meets your requirements.



Touch Screen for Laser Cutting Machines

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

TouchL 490x392 Touch Screen for Laser Cutting Machines


LVD’s new Touch-L, a touch screen graphical user interface (powered by CADMAN®) and featured on select models of laser cutting systems, brings the ease of LVD’s Intelli-Touch technology to laser processing so that both routine and complex operations can be quickly and efficiently accomplished with minimal operator input.

Touch-L simplifies the laser cutting process by using intuitive graphical icons and visual indicators to control and display functions such as lens and nozzle selection, download of an NC file to the machine memory, quick file searching and file editing, preview of the part/nesting, and to provide real time reproduction of the cutting path.

After selection of the parts, Touch–L performs automatic nesting and job generation and production can begin. In an easy and intuitive way, the operator can change cutting quantlities, the position and type of lead-in, and add or relocate micro joints for all online generated jobs.Touch-L imports multiple extensions, including DXF/NC, and supports USB memory and network drives.

Touch-L is also compatible with LVD’s CADMAN-OEE process management software, which captures and analyzes key machine productivity indicators so that users can optimize the overall efficiency of their equipment.The end result is easier, more intuitive programming and faster, more efficient processing.

Experience the simplicity and the power of Touch-L.

Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser – Which is Right for You?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Which machine do you need to for your shop? As you can see each of these technologies offer advantages and disadvantages.

water jet Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser   Which is Right for You?

Which technology is right for your company?  We sell Jet Edge Water Jets, AKS  Plasma , ONA & Hansvedt EDM’s and LVD Strippit  Lasers. We can work with you to find the right solution for your business. Please don’t forget that a LVD/Strippit punch press can be cost effective.

comparison Water Jet, Plasma, EDM or Laser   Which is Right for You?

Axel High-Speed Laser Processing Center

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Axel Laser Axel High Speed Laser Processing Center Backed by years of technical knowledge and experience in sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting, LVD Strippit offers the Axel high-speed laser processing center as part of its range of precision laser cutting machines.

Axel 5′ x 10′ (1500 x 3000 mm) work table area incorporates automatic shuttle tables or a fully integrated and programmable load/unload system Axel AT Automation.

Equipped with a single system package from GE Fanuc comprised of laser source, control, motors and AC drive amplifiers Offers the flexibility of 2500 W, 4000 W or 5000 W laser source.

The user-friendly CADMAN-L 3D software package (optional) offers even higher flexibility and productivity and conforms to all current safety standards.

The Axel laser cutting machine provides the following advantages:
Axel AT Automation Axel High Speed Laser Processing Center

  • high productivity
  • high flexibility
  • fast cut-to-cut workpiece changeover
  • improved accuracy
  • high reliability
  • simplified operating procedure
  • low maintenance and operation costs
  • compact design
Pictured Above: Compact flying optics laser profiling machine with a constant beam length system

TD Machine Tools becomes Distributor for LVD Group / Strippit

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, 2010 was the start date for TD Machine Tools as the exclusive Distributor for the LVD Group / Strippit Group in Southern California. With great pride , TD will represent this premier line of manufacturing equipment in the southern California market. Strippit and LVD have always been , and will continue to be innovators in the fabrication equipment market . With patented and licensed technology that is found on every modern turret punch and laser. LVD Group /Strippit is positioned for continuing dominance on a global scale.

TD Machine Tools had the opportunity to tour the LVD Group / Strippit factory in Buffalo , New York – WOW !! LVD Group / Strippit has invested millions towards the modernization of their factory by purchasing manufacturing equipment that will ensure continually improving products for LVD Group / Strippit customers. It is was a pleasure, and inspiring to see an American machine tool manufacturing that is not a only alive, but flourishing. LVD Group / Strippit will expand their manufacturing capabilities to encompass Orion Laser Line, Sirius laser Line , P, S, V series Punch presses, as well as the PPEC press brakes. At a time when Americans can use jobs “ MADE IN AMERICA “ means something to the LVD Group / Strippit.
This is not an assembly plant they are building equipment from the ground up.
If you would like to visit at one of their monthly open houses please let us know. We will be happy to help schedule a trip. If you are considering purchasing a punch press , press brake , laser or shear don’t forget to give a long time manufacturing friend to the southern California market a new look.

We also did our best to determine where the best buffalo wings were in Buffalo, we believe we have the answer.

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