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Monday, April 8th, 2013

CADMAN-L 3D provides fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual offline programming including nesting, optimization of cutting and machine parameters. This software allows the user to configure the type and value lead-in/lead-out for different contours depending on the material and thickness to be processed.

  • Flexible lead-in/lead-outs
  • Automatic selection from various types of micro-joints
  • Advanced common line cutting
  • Collision avoidance and automatic cutting sequence
  • Skeleton cutting and utilization of sheet remnants
  • Complete flexibility to manually or semi-automatically cut and nest laser parts
  • Automatic time and cost reporting


CADMAN-L makes laser cutting easy by providing fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual offline programming including nesting, optimization of cutting and
machine parameters. This software module enables users to maximize laser cutting applications by intuitively setting and controlling key functions.

LVD/ Strippit Electra fl

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


634872113989923645  LVD/  Strippit Electra fl

Fast, Flexible Processing

Fast, Flexible Processing
LVD’s Electra FL fiber laser cutting system is
fast and flexible, offering high speed thin sheet
processing, low operating cost and the ability
to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous
Increased beam absorption of the solidstate fiber laser light by the material delivers
processing speeds up to twice as fast as a CO2
laser source.
Electra FL is easy to use and operate featuring
LVD’s touch screen control and user interface,
Touch-L. A 19” touch screen and graphical
user interface efficiently and effortlessly guide
the user through all necessary man-machine
interactions. Touch-L also incorporates a part
programming and nesting feature to import
parts directly to the control, apply cutting
technology and nest sheets at the machine.
A compact, modern design, Electra FL maximizes uptime with an integrated shuttle table
system or modular automation options which
include a compact material warehousing tower
(CT-L) inclusive of integrated load/unload
Key Features oF the electra Fl:
• High speed cutting in thin sheetmetals
• Processferrous and non-ferrousmaterials
• 30%wall plug efficiencyfor low operating
• Multi kWhigh efficiency fiber lasersource
for dynamic processing
• Maintenance –free lasersource
• No laser gas required for laser beam generation
• Simple beampath delivery
• Intuitive LVDTouch-L 19”touch screen
control system
• Integrated shuttle table system
• Automation compatible

LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

thumbcc lvdadaptivelaser450px LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy. LVD introduces its patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system technology that provides real-time monitoring and feedback control of the laser cutting process to achieve high productivity, quality control and reduced scrap.

The development of ALC continues LVD’s history of innovation in the field of machine intelligence and real-time in-process control systems such as the company’s patented Easy-Form® Laser bend angle monitoring and correction system introduced in 2002, which has revolutionized the industry assuring consistent and accurate bending from the first to the last part.

ALC uses a dynamic feedback system to monitor and regulate laser power, speed and assist gas pressure in real time during the cutting process, automatically optimizing cutting parameters and ensuring a consistently accurate cut.

Unlike other process controls systems, ALC does not rely on pre-defined parameters but measures and adapts in process to achieve the optimal cutting results.

This unique system is particularly useful when processing thicker mild steels in an unmanned environment. In such applications, machine speed is often restricted to ensure reliability and account for potential variations in material properties, limiting productivity and increasing the cost per part. ALC automatically adjusts to changing conditions, processing at the highest speed with the most efficiency and so alleviates the need to restrict or control the laser cutting system, providing up to a 10 percent increase in productivity. Consistently accurate processing also eliminates scrap or rework of expensive thicker materials.

ALC is now a standard feature on select models of LVD’s Impuls series laser cutting machines.     633241907558007994 m LVD introduces patented Adaptive Laser Cutting system for high productivity, consistent processing accuracy.

LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013


LVD now offers its latest 19” Touch-L touch screen graphical user interface on the Sirius Series of CO2 laser cutting systems. Touch-L adds the ease of touch technology to Sirius standard and Plus models, allowing both routine and complex applications to be quickly and efficiently completed with minimal operator input.

Sirius TouchL 490x327 LVD/Strippit Adds Touch Screen Interface to Sirius Lasers

A large 19” screen features intuitive graphical icons and visual indicators to display functions such as lens and nozzle selection, set point piercing/cutting, cutting head position, parts nesting, and provide real time reproduction of the cutting path, guiding the operator through setup and cutting application.

Touch-L also incorporates a part programming and nesting feature allowing users to import parts directly to the control via a network drive or USB memory stick, apply cutting technology, nesting sheets and cut the nested parts directly at the machine.


Friday, July 13th, 2012





Gullegem, Belgium – LVD Company nv marks its 60th anniversary as an innovator in the design and manufacture of sheet metalworking equipment for fabrication.

The company began producing hydraulic presses in 1952 and today is a leading manufacturer of punching, laser cutting and forming/bending machinery. LVD maintains production units, sales and customer service operations in more than 45 countries. In addition to its headquarters in Gullegem, Belgium, the company operates production facilities in France, Central Europe, Asia and the United States. LVD also maintains technical centers located in Belgium, the U.S., the UK, China, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Its products serve a diversity of industries such as subcontract/job shop, fabricated metal products, transportation, construction, agricultural, and electrical and electronic equipment.

“A skilled and dedicated workforce combined with a strong, long-term vision for growth centered on advancing sheet metal technology to serve our global base of customers is reason for our longevity,” states LVD company Chairman, Jean-Pierre Lefebvre.

The 60th anniversary celebration will be centered on the theme: Passion, Innovation, Solutions. A detailed history timeline can be viewed at


The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC based Windows® compatible software.

LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage & Retrieval Tower

Monday, June 25th, 2012


ct1 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower

Now available, a cost-effective compact material storage and retrieval tower for select models of LVD laser cutting systems. Designed as affordable mid-level automation, the space-saving system provides increased productivity by allowing optimal material flow and unattended operation with uninterrupted processing of high-quality laser cut parts.

ct2 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower
The Compact Tower (CT) system provides
full capabilities for loading, unloading,
and storage of raw material and
finished parts, thus enabling automated
production from stored raw material
to stacked finished parts, as well as
providing increased storage capacity.

LVD’s CT system is offered in three
configurations: 4-, 6- and 10-pallet
units. The system handles workpieces
as large as 120” x 60” (3050 x 1525
mm) and material thicknesses up to
.625” (16 mm) [.750” (20 mm) on
Sirius Plus] with a maximum load/
unload pallet storage capacity of 6613
lbs. (3000 kg).
Pallet construction is engineered
for compact setup and safe forklift
manipulation. Spreading magnet,
air gun, and peeling cylinder sheet separation devices are re used to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and effectively separate sheets for automatic loading.

The compact tower is offered for Orion 3015 Plus and Sirius 3015 Plus laser cutting systems.

ct3 LVD/Strippit CT: Compact Material Storage  & Retrieval Tower

Strippit LP-1225: Punching Productivity – Laser flexibility

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The Strippit LP-1225 machine redefines laser/punch combination technology with an efficient, economical design from the company that introduced combination technology to the marketplace in 1978. Why Combination Technology? In today’s manufacturing environment the need to produce piece parts more efficiently is a constant demand. Laser cutting reduces secondary finishing, cuts
exotic materials and processes intricate shapes. Combination technology is ideal for components that require holes, forms and profiles. While combination technology provides all-in-one processing, it often requires a substantial investment, forcing users to produce complex, higher value parts in order to achieve a return on investment. The Strippit LP-1225 redefines combination
technology with the perfect balance of functionality and economy, combining field proven LVD – GE Fanuc laser technology and LVD Strippit punch press technology in a price sensitive integrated machine.

laser punch Strippit LP 1225: Punching Productivity – Laser flexibility

The Laser
GE Fanuc CO2 laser resonator generates up to 2500 Watts of cutting power to cut intricate shapes in metals and non-metals Complete integration of the GE Fanuc laser source, CNC control, AC digital motors and amplifiers offers a high degree of reliability and superior processing speed. laser puch 2 Strippit LP 1225: Punching Productivity – Laser flexibility

GE Fanuc resonator is equipped with long-life discharge tubes, a cyclone cleaner unit, and photo catalytic elements to maximize resonator performance and longevity Laser power is matched to the axis speed to achieve a constant width of cut with a small heat-affected zone.

Large 11.8” x 17.7” (300 mm x 450 mm) programmable parts chute allows finished laser-cut parts to be directed through a drop door, eliminating the need to tab or micro-joint laser-cut parts for manual removal from a nested sheet.laser punch 3 Strippit LP 1225: Punching Productivity – Laser flexibility

The Punch Press

Stress relieved, single piece bridge frame and widespread axis bearing system provide rugged performance Precision servo controlled hydraulic system delivers high punching and forming rates Direct drive axis reliably maintaining accuracy of ± .004” (0,10 mm) with a repeatability of ± .002” (0,05 mm) over the entire table is consistently achieved.

Compactly designed 33-station thick tool style turret lends large capacity Three 2” (50,8 mm) direct-drive auto index stations accept standard, tapping or wheel style tooling Quick change dies bases in the 1/2” (12,7 mm) and 1-1/4” (31,7 mm) stations reduce tool change time and increase uptime Smart Clamp™ feature automatically determines exact clamp locations to provide the smallest possible nopunch zone.

Comparison of major cutting processes:

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Waterjet machines — fast speed, able to cut thick material, good accuracy and finishing surface. Cuts virtually anything with no heat affected zone(HAZ). Some burr occurs near cut. Waterjet is widely used as metal cutting machine, glass cutting machine, ceramic tile cutting machine, marble cutting machine, and granite cutting machine. Waterjet cutting machine typically can cut as much as 4″ thick of steel (100mm).

Wire EDM — slow cutting speed, but able to cut very thick material. EDM has very high accuracy and excellent surface finish. No burr, a little HAZ. Only electrically conductive materials can be cut with EDM. Also there must be a way to drill a hole for putting through the wire for cutting.

Laser — good speed and precise cut when cutting thin material. Laser yields little burr, a little HAZ. Laser is suitable to cut non-reflective mild steel. A 6kw laster machine can cut as much as 25mm (1 inch) steel. Laser cutting machine is also very expensive.

Plasma — cuts at high speeds and generates heat that leaves rough edges. Accuracy is not very high with plasma cutting. Plasma cutting Can cut electrically conductive materials, up to 6″ of aluminum. Process yields HAZ. Special gas need to assist the process.

Strippit Laser Cutting Accuracy

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Outstanding edge quality

z8 26 2011 10 56 02 PM Strippit Laser Cutting Accuracy

Constant beam length system keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant, always maintaining the focal point at the same position in the material.
This results in:
• higher cutting speeds being maintained over the complete working area
• superior cutting quality over the complete working area. Edge function for cutting sharp corners particularly in thicker plate.

Start-up function for optimal lead ins.

Total power control: automatic adjustment of laser power as a function of speed change. Pulse function for cutting high quality small holes Numerous other processing technologies: engraving, marking,cutting of coated material, etc. Back reflection control: important while cutting aluminium, copper and other reflective materials Process Control (optional): control of the piercing and cutting process.

Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

By Vicki Needham – 07/01/11 10:35 AM ET

Manufacturing activity picked up pace in June after falling off sharply in May amid high energy prices.

Axel Laser Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

The manufacturing index rose to 55.3 percent in June from 53.5 percent in May, the 23rd straight month of expansion as the sector drives the sluggish economic recovery, the Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing executives, reported on Friday.

A reading above 50 indicates that the manufacturing sector is expanding.   press brake Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

In June, new orders for goods and employment increased modestly, with employment showing continued strength with an increase of 1.7 percentage points to 59.9 percent, the ISM report showed.

wet type Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

The rate of increase in prices slowed for the second consecutive month, dropping 8.5 percentage points in June to 68 percent after a 9 percentage point drop in May the lowest figure since August 2010 when the index registered 61.5 percent.

“While the rate of price increases has slowed and the list of commodities up in price has shortened, commodity and input prices continue to be a concern across several industries,” the report said.

Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 12 reported growth in June, led by miscellaneous manufacturing, printing, computer and electronic products as well as paper products and textile mills.

Heading into the Independence Day weekend, the markets got a boost from the manufacturing data, which exceeded economists’ estimates.