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The ONA NX Die-Sinking Edm Machine

Friday, February 18th, 2011

High-speed die-sinking EDM featuring high precision and easy automation.

NX 3 The ONA NX Die Sinking Edm Machine

The ONA model NX edm incorporates CNC with the latest generation Windows based applications which contributes to important operating advances and a higher level of automation. The ONA NX edm’s range responds to a new conception of machine based on the ideal that they are predominantly simplistic, with an efficient design  while at the same time that offers the operator a substantial improvement in comfort. The ONA NX edm does not  sacrifice security to improve comfort however, because it’s rigorous development conforms to all the present regulations of security and has also maintained electromagnetic compatibility.

Range and Models :

  • NX3 with long life ecological filter or cartridge filter
  • NX4 and NX4C (optional 40 position rotary electrode changer).
  • NX6 and NX7  (with Rise and fall door)