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CNC Cylindrical Grinders

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

ecotech  CNC Cylindrical Grinders

The FANUC high performance control has been developed exclusively for the cylindrical grinding industry. The canned cycles and the custom Macro B package featured in the control give the machine the versatility and speed demanded to accomplish the grinding needs of the industry.

With the marriage of the FANUC control and the ECOTECH GRINDER, we have developed a state-of-the-art CNC Cylindrical Grinder with the simplicity of programming today’s most complex parts.

All of ECOTECH’S CNC Grinders have heavy aged cast iron construction, that has been precision machined and hand scraped. With a Hydro-Dynamic spindle on the wheelhead, and the Hydro-Static lubrication system on the table, these machines will give you many years of trouble free operation and high accuracies.


Belt Grinding vs Cylindrical Grinding

Monday, April 18th, 2011

ecotech logo Belt Grinding vs Cylindrical Grinding In principle, belt grinding is much like belt sanding but a lot more accurate and sophisticated. An abrasive belt running on very precise rubber drums replaces the traditional hardwheel and wheelhead. Moreover, the rubber contact drum ‘cushions’ the operation, making the process more reliable and forgiving. There are fewer things to go wrong. And if something does go amiss because of a renegade grit or operator error, the damage is less serious and easier to fix.

Twenty hours a day, 5 days a week, the MP & P  grinds, polishes and plates industrial mill rolls – including challenging thin-wall rolls — for the paper and film converting market. MP&P has earned such a reputation for quality, turnaround time and good prices that it is in a constant state of expansion – especially for thin-wall work. In response, the 40 man shop just started up one more cylindrical grinder, has another on order and plans to buy two more over the short term.

Moving To Belt Grinding “All the new equipment has belt grinding attachments,” says Rich DuPont, vice president and general manager at MP&P. “Compared with traditional hardwheels, belt grinding is more forgiving and cost effective. With it, we turn out quality work more consistently, and with less skill dependency. Put another way, more of our people, of varying skill levels, can productively turn out quality work. With such flexibility, we balance the workload better and improve deliveries.”