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LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM LVD Strippit Press Brakes Going Green

LVD Company nv now incorporates a new Energy Reduction System (ERS) into its PPEC series PPEC Press Brake press brake products, helping to tackle the topical issue of rising energy costs. ERS efficiently manages power consumption throughout the
operating day during machine operation, standby and idle times thus reducing energy consumption by 15 to 30 per cent over previous generation machines. The introduction of ERS demonstrates LVD’s green initiative to engineer and manufacture energy-efficient equipment. The company o?ers entry level machines in manual and CNC versions, multi-axis press brakes with LVD’s Easy-Form Laser adaptive forming system and the new CADMAN Touch PC-based CNC control. LVD also specialises in custom stand-alone and tandem press brake installations specially designed and engineered for the forming requirement, including public lighting, shipbuilding, offshore drilling and heavy machinery applications. Its PPEB-H custom press brakes range in size from 640 tons up to 3000 tons. Standard series PPEB con?gurable press brakes are available from 80 tons, 1.5 metres up to 640 tons, 8.1 metres.

LVD Strippit – Compact Series Press Brake

Friday, August 19th, 2011


compact press brake LVD Strippit    Compact Series Press Brake

• Mid-range bending solution offering a balanced mix of performance and value
• Rugged, simple design
• Bending speeds up to 20 mm per second for fast, accurate bending of smaller piece parts
• Energy Reduction System (ERS) provides energy savings up to 30 percent over comparable designs
• Easy to use CADMAN® Lite CNC control
• Robust state of the art hydraulic system with automatic tilt control
• Double bed referenced encoders for absolute accuracy
• Two-axis (X, R) or four-axis back gauge (X, R, Z1, Z2)
• LVD vertical load, Classic and Euro style tooling options available

New Product – LVD/Strippit

Monday, August 8th, 2011

7 24 2010 11 52 18 AM New Product   LVD/Strippit

 LVD Strippit expands manufacturing in the United States! We are extending the PPEC Press Brake range up to 700 tons.  At the  New York Facility we are currently  building PPEC  Press Brakes as large 260 tons.  LVD Strippit has elected to build all Press Brakes through  700 tons in the United States.  Make sure you see this remarkable Press Brake. The relocation of this manufacturing segment will bring jobs to the United States and lowers costs to LVD Strippit customers.

Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Productivity and flexibility are two main requirements in today’s manufacturing industry. Higher demands on efficiency require more parts to be produced with a higher degree of automation. One decisive factor for unmanned production is material availability, with this feature the machine can produce several different parts in two different material types unmanned.

compact automation Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

 Pullmax and LVD Strippit Offer Compact Automation

The Pullmatic 720/520 can be supplied with a fully automatic material handling system. The compact system will handle raw material and skeletons as well as punched and formed parts, on a compact layout of 70m² (753 sqf) including the punching machine. The handling system is fully integrated in the Pullmax O600 control system to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity. The modular design ensures the production requirements today and in the future.

LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet Points

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

cartoon LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet PointsDoctor Bender’s LVD Strippit Press Brake Bullet Points

  • Press brake controls that are the easiest in the world to learn and use.
  • Extensive capacity range from 40 tons, 5 foot to 4,000 tons, 50 foot.
  • Comprehensive technology range from simple to 14 CNC controlled axes.
  • Several different features to reduce setup time and reduce scrap.
  • Universal and quick change tooling systems.
  • Energy saving features that can reduce operating costs by 30%.
  • Excellent technical support with resident applications manager.
  • Off-line software that ties laser cutting and punching together with bending.
  • Made in the USA!
  • In stock for immediate delivery.

Bending on the Pullmax

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The bending process is similar to other automated panel bending systems where the blank is clamped and the flange is wiped up. However instead of the typical wiping tool a “pacman” tool is used. In the drawing below the green element is a spring, the rest is self explanatory.

A Pullmax Bending 300x186 Bending on the Pullmax

Bend angles, flange lengths and flange orientation (rotary axes) are fully programmable. Unique part envelope allows automation for many parts that do not fit other systems.


Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

By Vicki Needham – 07/01/11 10:35 AM ET

Manufacturing activity picked up pace in June after falling off sharply in May amid high energy prices.

Axel Laser Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

The manufacturing index rose to 55.3 percent in June from 53.5 percent in May, the 23rd straight month of expansion as the sector drives the sluggish economic recovery, the Institute for Supply Management, a trade group of purchasing executives, reported on Friday.

A reading above 50 indicates that the manufacturing sector is expanding.   press brake Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

In June, new orders for goods and employment increased modestly, with employment showing continued strength with an increase of 1.7 percentage points to 59.9 percent, the ISM report showed.

wet type Manufacturing sector grows for 23rd straight month

The rate of increase in prices slowed for the second consecutive month, dropping 8.5 percentage points in June to 68 percent after a 9 percentage point drop in May the lowest figure since August 2010 when the index registered 61.5 percent.

“While the rate of price increases has slowed and the list of commodities up in price has shortened, commodity and input prices continue to be a concern across several industries,” the report said.

Of the 18 manufacturing industries, 12 reported growth in June, led by miscellaneous manufacturing, printing, computer and electronic products as well as paper products and textile mills.

Heading into the Independence Day weekend, the markets got a boost from the manufacturing data, which exceeded economists’ estimates.



Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

The beam delivery on the Sirius 3015 contains a standard beam length compensation unit, which ensures accurate processing throughout the entire work envelope. Each laser beam has adivergence (diameter of the laser beam varies according to the distance from the resonator) This divergence causes on the one hand a variation in beam diameter. (causes varying edge surfacefinishes and part tolerances according to the position on the cut table)and on the other hand avariation in the position of the focal point (causing part burr).

sirus6 12 2011 8 34 14 PM 300x177 Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system

Flying optic drive systemThe X axis on the SIRIUS PLUS is driven by an inclined rack and pinion transmission: this systemguarantees a very high stiffness. Inclined rack and pinion transmission permits a more accuratedrive system with a higher acceleration. Grease is applied automatically by terms of greasecartridges. The Y and Z axes on the SIRIUS PLUS are driven by ball screw.                                 6 12 2011 8 39 40 PM Sirius 3015 Beam Delivery system



LVD Strippit CNC Multi-axis Press Brake: PPEB 110/30 8-Axis

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

CADMAN® Touch Control      PPEB control LVD Strippit CNC Multi axis Press Brake: PPEB 110/30 8 Axis

The LVD designed and produced CADMAN® Touch provides the very latest in infrared touch screen technology,running on a Windows embedded PC based control unit.

The CADMAN® Touch is easy to use due to its intuitive icon driven functions. This allows the operator to getfrom a drawing to a part with fewer actions. The industrial infrared touch screen technology is highly reliableand can even be used while wearing work gloves. This touch screen technology is already being successfullyutilized on other LVD products.

The CADMAN® Touch Control allows operators the flexibility to import 2D and 3D files directly into the machinecontrol, making those last minute jobs much easier to accommodate. The press brake controller works offLVD’S centralized ‘Intelligent’ Bending database optimizing the efficiency of the machine from the first to thelast bend.


Intel® Pentium

1.4 GHz processor

– fanless operation-

Internal memory 1 GByte RAM-

2 GByte flash for operating system and software-

4 GByte flash for DB and settings-

4 GByte USB for customer dataTerminal-

1280×1024 17” Monitor Elo Carrol Touch (infrared touch)-

3 USB 2.0 ports for optional hardwareOperating System-

Windows XP Embedded-

Write protected OSAngle Correction Data Base

The exclusive use of the automatically applied angle correction database allows precise first time bendingresults for new parts. The angle correction database can be automatically created either at the machine duringpart production and related set up or in advance of programming by test bending and storing the results ofvarious materials for future use.For each new part the angle correction Database automatically searches for and verifies the following matchedcriteria: tooling, material, thickness & bend angleIf a match is found, the angle correction is automatically inserted into the part program in advance of bending.This exclusive feature optimizes set up time and reduces or eliminates trial bending.Bend Allowance Data Base

The Bend Allowance Data Base is an empirically derived data base used in determining the exact dimensionsof the flat blank required for bending. The automatically searched and applied bend allowance data is criticalin determining the exact position of bend lines and hole positions within a part.

The Bend Allowance Data Base is created by test bending samples of material where the precise blank lengthis known. After measuring precisely the test blank length, a bend is made for the desired angle and the part isagain measured for the lengths of the resultant formed legs. The results of “leg 1” and “leg 2” and theresultant inside radius measurement are then entered into the control. The difference between the preciselymeasured unfolded length and the precisely measured legs and radius then becomes the precise bendallowance. This precise bend allowance determined by use of a specific material on a specific tool set isstored and automatically searched and applied on each new drawing and part program.

This LVD exclusive,allows both the simplest and the most complex parts to be produced without test bending.

Outstanding Control Features Axis Disable

The skip axis feature permits the disabling of an axis that may become defective without shutting down thecomplete machine. This allows the operator to continue using the machine until repair can take place.

Adaptive Angle

Programs previously run and corrected are automatically logged in a database. This data is accessed bycontrol as new programs are written. This feature saves time and material on first-run parts by comparingexisting verified programs and information about material and tool geometry.


While the machine is running production, the CNC control is free to program the next job, store or retrieve datafrom mass storage, and do graphic simulation.

Auto Programming

Drawing the part to be formed is all the input required to program the machine. The control will thenautomatically perform bend calculations and optimize machine performance. The operator can alsographically visualize part handling bend by bend. Auto programming enhances flexibility. Standard design parts can be saved in memory and can easily bechanged, allowing the CADMAN® Touch to automatically generate an optimal program for producing the part.Alternately, you can draw new parts as needed using the built-in graphic drafting screen.

Automatic programming of components allows the operator to select the proper criteria for the programs to becreated, either using back gauge only, or holding a specific leg tolerance, minimizing the number of flips, turns,etc.

PPEB 8 axis1 LVD Strippit CNC Multi axis Press Brake: PPEB 110/30 8 Axis

Automatic programming reduces the time spent keying in bend data for a complex part or a simple 90o bend.The program automatically optimizes the cycling of the press brake to allow for the highest possible productionrate for that part.

Tooling Library

Any shape and configuration can be input, allowing the operator to easily identify tooling to be used by its trueshape and size representation. The control will verify programmable force limits for each tool (punch and die)to protect tool from damage. The control will verify tonnage limits with each program.Data InputInput can be alphanumeric as supported by Windows operating systems.

Air/Bottom Bending

The LVD control lets you choose the mode in which the machine and program should run. This will giveoptimum performance of your machine as well as instructing the operator.

LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

Monday, April 25th, 2011

These features of LVD Strippit press brake technology address the problems of bending and ensure the quality of every end product produced.

Bend Angle Precision Engineering:

The LVDStrippit PPEB precision hydraulic press brakes are designed by “finite elements analysis.” All models are equipped with bed referenced linear encoders and the latest servo-controlled hydraulic systems to ensure precise control of the upper beam position and repeatability.


The LVD Strippit CADMAN®-CNC press brake control assures first time bend angle results by the automatic application of the exclusive CADMAN angle correction database. Previous bending data experience on specific tools and materials are cross-referenced and automatically applied.

4 15 2011 bendpng LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

4 15 2011 bend 2 PM LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutions

Easy-Form® Laser:

The patented Easy-Form Laser angle control system controls the bend angle in real time without slowing the bending process. The unique design of the EasyForm system allows the machine to adapt to variations in material consistency and compensates for any changes in radius as a result of grain direction changes. First time bend angles and consistent part repeatability are assured. The Easy-Form Laser system guarantees the desired angle from the first bending operation. The symmetric angle measuring system, located on the front and back side of the

4 15 2011 bend 3 PM LVD Strippit Press Brake Bending Solutionspress brake table, consists of two laser monitors linked withan expert software database in the CADMAN-CNC control. As the bending sequence of the press brake is initiated, the sensing device transmits the digital information in real time to the CNC control unit, which processes it and subsequently recalculates the correct depth adjustment to obtain the correct angle. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.