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Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Are you manufacturing brackets, electronic chassis and assemblies?  Do you require timely press Brake operations? Eliminate second operations!  Save Money!

pullmax bending Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches3 29 2011 11 09 12 AM Bend Flanges up to 75 mm or 3 inches

Parts such as brackets, electronic chassis and assemblies can be completed in the  Pullmatic 720/520 punching machines instead of adding 1 or 2 operations in other machine types such as press brakes.

The Pullmatic 720/520 is designed for exceptional forming and bending capacity. With advanced PCU (Punch Unit Control) software the machine can be utilized in forming and bending operations that traditionally has been performed in press brakes. By decreasing the number of operations and finish parts with less handling and setup´s part value can in some cases be increased with up to 75%.

Forming operations such as knockouts, louvers and countersinks will be performed with high accuracy. The machines also have the capacity of bending flanges up to 75mm/3″ high. These bends can be performed in a variety of angles. Even parts that are not located in 0 or 90 degrees on the sheet can be formed, since the OptiBend feature includes auto index. Internal as well as external bends can be formed on the parts.

The Pullmatic 720/520 bends at least three times higher than most other punching machines.

  • Punches, forms, marks, taps and cuts
  • Reduces the cost per part
  • Flexible automation
  • Pullmax is now part of the LVD Strippit family of fabrication equipment.