6 x 3 – 55K PSI – Water Jet – $54,800.00

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flying b 3 x 6 6 x 3   55K PSI   Water Jet      $54,800.00

The non-thermal cutting method allows users to cut everything from accurate prototypes to large nested programs for optimal production in virtually any material and a wide range of thicknesses.

Many small and large businesses benefit from our products and services and we will do everything we can ensure that your company will grow and succeed in the waterjet cutting industry like so many of our customers already have.

With our easy to use controller, software and precision cutting system nearly anyone can make accurate parts.

50HP high pressure pump. (working pressure 55kpsi)
Cutting table working range 10’x 6′
PC based controller and software with USB port
Z-axis programmable
Uses intensifier pressurization
Max. Water discharge at 55,000psi : 3.8L/min
Max. Diameter of orifice at 55,000psi: .014
Max. Operating pressure: 55,000psi
Continuous operating pressure: 55,000psi
Power requirement: 480V/60HZ/3phase
Electronic shift

Water Jet Multi-Axis Cutting

5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Head  Water Jet Multi Axis Cutting
With recent advances in control and motion technology, 5-axis water jet cutting (abrasive and pure) has become a reality. Where the normal axes on a water jet are named X (back/forth), Y(left/right) and Z (up/down), a 5-axis system will typically add an A axis (angle from perpendicular) and C axes (rotation around the Z-axis). Depending on the cutting head, the maximum cutting angle for the A axis can be anywhere from 55, 60, or in some cases even 90 degrees from vertical. As such, 5-axis cutting opens up a wide range of applications that can be machined on a water jet cutting machine.

A 5-axis cutting head can be used to cut 4-axis parts, where the bottom surface geometries are shifted a certain amount to produce the appropriate angle and the Z-axis remains at one height. This can be useful for applications like weld preparation where a bevel angle needs to be cut on all sides of a part that will later be welded, or for taper compensation purposes where the kerf angle is transferred to the waste material – thus eliminating the taper commonly found on water jet-cut parts. A 5-axis head can cut parts where the Z-axis is also moving along with all the other axis. This full 5-axis cutting could be used for cutting contours on various surfaces of formed parts.

5 Axis Water Jet Part  Water Jet Multi Axis CuttingBecause of the angles that can be cut, part programs may need to have additional cuts to free the part from the sheet. Attempting to slide a complex part at a severe angle from a plate can be difficult without appropriate relief cuts.


Water Jet Cutting – Edge Quality Comparison

Edge quality for water jet cut parts is defined on a scale of 1 through 5. Lower numbers indicate rougher edge finish; higher numbers are smoother. For thin materials, the difference in cutting speed for Quality 1 could be as much as 3 times faster than the speed for Quality 5. For thicker materials, Quality 1 could be 6 times faster than Quality 5.

For example, 4” thick Aluminum Q5 would be 0.72 ipm (18 mm/min) and Q1 would be 4.2 ipm (107 mm/min), 5.8 times faster.

Water jet Edge qualities Water Jet Cutting   Edge Quality Comparison