Waterjet Cutting Applications

bridge Waterjet Cutting Applications

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Waterjet Cutting Applications

Ultra high-pressure waterjet precision cutting uses a high-speed water stream that carries great kinetic energy along with an abrasive substance. Compared to other high-energy beam processing methods, such as laser, ionic, or electron beam, ultra high-pressure waterjet is the only cold cutting technology.

Waterjet cutting is widely used in the modern manufacturing industry, especially in plant engineering and manufacturing field. It also has greatly improved production efficiency and quality.

Metallic material cutting

JXo8kCE Waterjet Cutting Applications

We can cut metallic materials such as stainless steel, iron, copper, etc, which is useful for architectural decoration and cutting a variety of metallic machine parts. Our company stands out because, we have many advantages over other cutting methods.

§  No thermal or chemical deformation
§  Phenomenal edge quality
§  Elimination of further processing
§  Method does not create toxic fumes or airborne dust when in process
§  Does not create bad influence on environment
§  Fast with precision
§  Less material waste

Glass cutting

KSmiAGd Waterjet Cutting Applications

A&V Waterjet machines are useful for household electrical appliances, bathroom applications(ceramics), architectural glass decoration, automobile window, and display materials
It offers you the capability of being able to create words or patterns with glass materials. Our fairly unique technique of waterjet technology has given us the power to cut glass in to complex shapes. This technique also makes it possible to fabricate glass onto a large screen, curtain walls, a variety of electrical appliance panels, and glass wares.

Building Materials

2uXF5vp Waterjet Cutting Applications

The most common applications for waterjet cutting include processing tiles, stone and other building materials. Waterjet cutting process all kinds of complex tiles plus marble design and inlays. This precision cutting not only replaces traditional manual cutting or grinding but also increases efficiency. As a result, waterjet techniques are welcomed by many manufacturers and A&V Waterjets are sold and distributed across the world.

Composites, bulletproof material, soft material, etc.

A&V Waterjet machines are ideal for
§  cutting automotive interior components
§  cutting foam, sponge, paper, rubber, etc.
§  cutting carpet materials

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