Extending LVD’s Punch Press Product Range

The Pullmax Series now forms part of the LVD punch press product range, providing
cost-effective punching, forming, marking, bending and tapping in a single machine.
LVD’s punch press product family now offers more choices and the greatest range of
flexibility of any punch press manufacturer.

pullmax  Extending LVD’s Punch  Press Product Range
An extremely efficient hydraulic punching unit combined with table accelerations
and speeds that match high hit rates make punching and forming operations highly
productive and lower the cost of per part production for prototypes, short or long run
operations. Punch sheets up to 60? x 120? (1500 x 3000 mm) without reposition in
0.135? (8 mm) material.
The Pullmax Series includes standalone machines and automated systems. Pullmax
520, 530, 720 and 730 punch presses offer an array of capabilities to maximize the
value added to components during the punching process.

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