ONA EDM Dramatically Improves Die-Sinking Machines Axis Acceleration and Speeds

The NX series of die-sinking erosion machines from ONA Electro-Erosion S.A. consists of 44 standard configurations. The smallest is the ONA NX3, with x-y-z travel of 15.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches. The largest model is the TX10, whose travels in those axes are 119, 59, and 39.4 inches, respectively, and which features two heads commanded by two independent CNC generators, allowing two cavities to be eroded simultaneously and independently in a big work pieces with a mass as great as 44,000 pounds. Whatever your need, ONA has a machine sized to meet your needs.


The new high speed ONA Standard NX4C die-sinking machine is the latest in the series and features a rise-and-fall work tank. The ONA-S64 CNC has an open control and supervision protocol, and its design that facilitates automation of all sorts of applications. The NX4C has an x-y-z travel capability of 23.6 x 15.8 x 15.8 inches. Its fixed table design allows loading of work pieces up to 3,300 pounds. The NX4C boasts a Z axis speed of 590 inches per minute and an acceleration of 1.0 G which is very useful in deep no flush rib cuts, and can decrease the time by as much as 35% on certain simple ribs. Impressively the Z axis maximum weight capacity is 440 pounds which adds versatility, while also providing outstanding speed and acceleration.

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The entire ONA Modular series die-sinking machines NX7, NX8, NX10, TX8 and TX10 have also been dramatically improved.  The “T” in the series designates that the machines are the twin headed versions. The Z axis speeds for the current machines are now nearly 3 times faster and with double the acceleration than last year’s models. All while maintaining the maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds on the Z axis ram.


All models in the ONA NX series come equipped with micro fine circuitry for achieving surface finishes to 0 VDI (0.10 µm Ra) and over 10,000 hours long-life filtration system without consumable cartridges.

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