ONA EDM Cartridge-less Filtration

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First let’s examine the reasons why you might consider Cartridge-less filtration:

• “Going Green” is an important trend in both manufacturing in general and EDM in particular. Last September, at IMTS, many of the OEM’s prominently displayed significant advances in EDM technology directed at reducing the impact of EDM on our environment. As responsible inhabitants of this planet, we all share in the responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. Discarded filters impact the environment in one way or another. They either end up in landfills (possibly contributing to groundwater contamination) or they are incinerated (contributing to increased carbon emissions).

• Eliminating the costs associated with buying and maintaining an inventory of filter cartridges.
• Eliminating the maintenance cost and downtime associated with filter changes.
• Eliminating the expense and responsibility of disposing of used filter cartridges.

Cartridge-less Filtration systems offer an alternative solution to the problem of providing a continuous supply of clean water to the Wire EDM process.

What about aluminum?
Consider the not so uncommon case of cutting aluminum. Due to the tendency of flaky aluminum EDM debris to clog filter elements, it is not uncommon to get less of the filter life expected when cutting Steel. For those EDMer’s who regulary cut aluminum, they can enjoy incredible savings of more the $20,000.00 per year. This greatly lowers the const of ownership ONA Cartridge-less Technology is only sold with ONA Machines.

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