LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

LVD Strippit has recently completed the expansion of its in-house demonstration and training center in Akron, NY. The facility — over 9,000 square feet — showcases punching, bending and laser cutting equipment and includes a classroom training area, meeting rooms and visitor greeting area.

The expanded center provides LVD Strippit with a larger demonstration area and allows customers and visitors easy access to the company’s most advanced fabrication equipment. Machinery currently on display at the demonstration center includes a high-performance VT-Series CNC turret punch press, Orion laser cutting system, Axel flying optics laser cutting system, PPEB precision press brake with Easy-Form Laser adaptive bending system, economical SP Series press brake, and guillotine shear.633470016811744957 LVD/Strippit Expanded Demonstration Facility

The machinery demonstration area is complemented by a spacious classroom for training on use of LVD Strippit’s CADMAN punching, bending and laser cutting software. The classroom is equipped with modern teaching tools. The combination of classroom training and machinery demonstration provides an ideal learning environment.

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