EDM History / ONA EDM

In 1770, English physicist  Joseph Priestle studied the erosive effect of electrical discharges. Furthering Priestley’s research, the EDM process was invented by two Russian scientists, Dr. B. R. Lazarenko and Dr. N. I. Lazarenko, in 1943. In their efforts to exploit the destructive effects of an electrical discharge, they developed a controlled process for machining of metals. Their initial process used a spark machining process, named after the succession of sparks (electrical discharges) that took place between two electrical conductors immersed in a dielectric fluid. The discharge generator effect used by this machine, known as the Lazarenko circuit, was used for many years in the construction of generators for electrical discharge.

Additional researchers entered the field and contributed many fundamental characteristics of the machining method we know today.

ONA AF 25 EDM History / ONA EDM

Ever since its foundation in 1952, ONA Electro-erosion became a pioneer in the development of EDM technologies. As a result, the company is:

– The oldest EDM machines manufacturer in the world.
– The second largest European manufacturer of EDM machines.
– The world leader in large & customized EDM machines.

ONA is located in the Basque Country, the heart of the machine-tool industry in Spain. Still located in Durango, the site of its foundation, are to be found its head office, its principal factory, its R&D facilities, and its technical assistance centre.

Training, technical assistance and maintenance for the customer are given priority No 1 by ONA



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