Manual Ram EDM Manufacturing By Hansvedt

Manual ram  Manual Ram EDM Manufacturing By HansvedtCS 10/20   Hansvedt  Manual Ram EDM

This is an  economical, rugged, compact floorstanding machine tool. The workpiece capacities on the  CS-10—200 pounds and the CS-20—500 pounds.   It has a precision cast iron XY table with Turcite® lined dovetail ways. A  rigid cast iron quill-type ram with 6.375×4″ platen to accept a V-block or precision tooling. The CS 10/20 high-response AC servo and ballscrew drive are equipped with a dial indicator infeed device, .001″resolution, depth limit stop and automatic ram retract cycle.  The high-flow dielectric fluid system including reservoir, pump and 5 micron filter has  flushing controls for pressure, worktank bypass and fluid level. The fluid level has a safety switch, transparent worktank door and guards with gap power interlock.  High-performance 32-peak amp H-pulse power supply (64-peak amp optional).

Higher metal removal rates:

1.2 in3/hr, graphite to steel     —-     2.4 in3/hr optional

Outstanding customer support with installation, training and phone assistance.

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