ONA EDM – Best Filtration System In Industry!

ona filter ONA EDM   Best Filtration System In Industry!

Why would you buy a new EDM without this ONA EDM filtration system? This filter unit is designed to operate together with wire EDM’s, taking dirty water from the machine and filtering it to 3 microns to supply clean water for machining. When the filter vessel reaches it’s cleaning capacity, which is detected by a pressure switch, a backwashing cycle is initiated. While in the backwashing cycle, clean filtered water is supplied to the machine’s dielectric tank. Therefore, the machine has an endless supply of clean water. After a predetermined programmed number of backwashing cycles, a sludge removal cycle is initiated, discharging the sludge contained in the decanting tank into a sludge bag. When the sludge bag reaches it’s capacity an alarm will be generated.

Aquaprima AK-100 Filter unit is an automatic, self cleaning, mineral filter unit designed for WEDM filtration, and does not require filter media replacement.

Video – ONA EDM Filtration System

• 100% self sufficient stand alone supplying 3 micron   filtration system.

• Stainless steel construction

• Aquaprima AK-100 Filter unit is specially designed for  quick and easy  retrofit with all WEDMs.

• Fully PLC controlled with automatic sludge discharge.

• Aquaprima AK-100 Filter unit is one hundred percent    ecological, requiring virtually no attention.

• Overall tank capacity – 330 gallons

• The filter incorporates an automatic EkoAdd metering tank   that greatly reduces resin consumption

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