CNC Maintenance Programs – Increase the Life of any CNC Milling Machine

TD Machine Tools recommends a CNC maintenance contract to keep your CNC milling and turning equipment in top working order.

A comprehensive cnc maintenance program consists of:

1)    Complete chip removal; inside and out.

2)   ATC Inspection:

  • Alignment and orientation verification
  • ATC Motor Brake Adjustment
  • Switch verification
  • Inspection of all ATC wires and Connections

3)   Spindle Inspection:

  • Spindle Alignment at 10 inches
  • TIR at 10 inches
  • Lateral Slope Test
  • Drawbar Retention Test
  • Confirmation of the Spindle Chiller working properly
  • Replace spindle chiller oil (All oils to be supplied by customer.)
  • Spindle Belt Inspection

4)   Lubrication Inspection:

  • Oil reservoir drain /clean (All oils to be supplied by customer.)
  • All fittings checked
  • All oil lines inspected

5)   Verification of proper operation all switches

6)   Level Machine and Sweep spindle

7)   Ballbar Test

When having a CNC machine maintained you can expect to schedule a day of down time.  It is required for a safe and proper machine inspection. All silicon will require 24 hours to dry properly, anyway.

Are you interested in scheduling TD Machine Tools to maintain your CNC equipment?

Our CNC maintenance program comes complete with a detailed report of all required parts and labor to bring your CNC back within factory tolerance.

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  1. Its have to be maintained one way or the other and I have to agree with you…and you have enumerated a maintenance program to keep this tool working new again…thanks for the post

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